Grendizer (Goldrak) vs the French Military

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Anonymous User
Don't lose your head!

MattAlt (Admin)
Amazing. Caught it once before it got locked down. You'd get shot for this kind of thing in America! (Literally.)

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Anonymous User
Here is another mirror for the video. A good way to get shot in any country!

wow, now that's a stupid thing to do.

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MattAlt (Admin)
The funny thing is how much that suit resembles the old Medicom Grandizer toy!
Sanjeev (Admin)
Why's that stupid? The pink anti-radar mist will obscure their getaway!
Nothing tells us the soldiers didn't know about it.

In fact, considering how strict the French are with regards to military safety (a bunch of students and their teachers from my university almost got arrested for diving near a French military base during an excursion), I'm pretty sure they should have known something was going to happen.

But yeah, in most European countries soldiers are instructed not to shoot first whenever something happens. That gives such bad publicity...

I think this dude is crazy. Remi Gaillard like to upset people in the street. You can check his videos on the web.

I'm currently searching for a brand new perfect Grendizer GA 37 DX or its Shogun Warriors equivalent, Goldorak. Would pay an insanely tremendous price for it...MP me if you have it.
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