Major Quake

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MattAlt (Admin)
A magnitude 8.8 earthquake hit around 3pm on Friday, epicenter a few hundred kilometers north of Tokyo. Very rough, long rolling shaking of the sort I have never experienced before. Very scary. The coastal areas are being socked by tsunami but there doesn't seem to be much in the way of casualties in Tokyo (fingers crossed.)
Just saw this being posted on news sites. Glad you guys are Ok so far.
Any power knockout where you are?
Major magnitude!
Whoa, Matt Alt is on CNN
MattAlt (Admin)
The Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 was magnitude 7.9. This one was 8.8. I am very grateful to have made it through without any injuries, but many others (particularly up north in the coastal regions, which have been slammed by tsunami) are not as lucky. I am twittering updates at @matt_alt
Glad you're alright, but from the pictures of half-submerged cars, flooded airports, cities that have been half-swept aside while the other half is burning, and this from Wikipedia "Based upon data from the Japan Meteorological Agency, it is estimated the town of Kurihara has been completely destroyed." (There's 80,000 people living there...) it looks pretty bad.

I find this picture of the burning raffinery very impressive:
Check the size of the trucks compared to the flames! *shudder*

Edit: according to the BBC a nuclear power plant has likely been completely destroyed. With the major floods that may be very bad news...


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All my buddies are walking home today. The trains are shut down and taxis are all occupied. Fortunately it isn't raining.
This is awful. Glad you're okay, cohiba. HLJ was hit in Gunma but they are okay, check their site. Matt is coming up on CNN again at 7 AM EST.
Man, I wish everyone the best! Scary news.
Just listening to the CNN report with Matt. The reporter needs to listen a little more carefully to her interviewee!

Glad to hear you folks are okay.
josh fraser (Moderator)
Matt, your tag line was epic. A tremor to remember is like an Ali vs Fraiser fight. Glad you (and Cohiba) are ok.
Glad to hear you guys are OK, and hope you stay safe!

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Wow, scary news. Glad you guys are okay.
Tada from M1GO said that everyone there is okay but the place is a mess (moreso than usual). I've been reading about a nuclear reactor in their prefecture having problems, hope they can handle that.
watching cnn and seeing the massive distruction is mind blowing. Then having Matts voice coming through my T.V only makes it more surreal.
THe area 3km around the nuclear reactor are being evacuated.
Very shocking and scary photo's/video. Prayers for everyone to stay safe.
Inside Hobbylink Japan.


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open | download - HLJ damage.jpg (124.3 KB)
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Thinking about you all in Japan! Nice work Matt. We are having evacuations here in Santa Cruz, although I doubt it's needed. Practice is good though, shit is just going to get weirder.
@Jim M - I was on, watching videos and wondering if Matt and Hiroko were okay (they're the only folks that live in Japan these days) and fell off my chair when the next video that queued was an interview with some guy who has the same name - Wotta co-inkydink!

The devastation looks massive and the aftershocks are nothing to sniff at, either. Hope the damage and loss of life from this event and its natural repercussions is kept to a minimum.

Peace all.

Glad everyone is ok. Would think this widespread damage would get the UN off their asses to send assistance.
Sanjeev (Admin)
As usual...look who's to blame...

(Glad you and Hiroko are okay, Matt...our thoughts go out to everyone affected...)
Just woke up and got the news. This is terrible!

Glad to hear you are OK, Matt.

First Godzilla joke I've seen so far, Sanjeev. Great job!
Vincent Z. Wrote:
> Inside Hobbylink Japan.

Wow, it would have been pretty dangerous inside that warehouse during the quake. Glad HLJ and Matt and cohiba are okay and hope for the best for everybody else.

You can follow the seismic activity live with these two maps:


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Glad you're both okay, Matt!

As it happens, I was going to be flying out in couple of weeks to visit various friends I met on my last trip. Luckily, as far as I'm aware, they're all some distance from events and a couple have told me that they're okay if a bit shaken. The only one I am quite worried about worked in Sendai, I guess it'll be a while before I get news.

I don't yet know if I will still be going now, it will depend on events of the next few days. I wasn't going to be travelling near the worst affected areas though.

Thanks for the Big G image, Sanjeev - much needed!
Kyoto area, where I live now didn't experience any of the tremble, but the scale of the damage up in the north eastern area is unimaginable.
Various Hawaiian shorelines are being evac'd as well due to rising sea levels. SF sand Santa Cruz shores as well, though that is just to keep people from getting popped by unexpecterd sudden swells. From what I've heard the nuclear plant damage, while serious, is not catastrophic. Not intending to minimize the severity or seriousness, but let's all remember what 24hr news cycles do with events like this. Glad to hear our friends abroad are safe - thanks for taking time to update us on what must be a chaotic day personally.

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This is Horrific, and Yuni and I are very concerned about her family in the North.

Her Grandmother, Father and Aunt all live there and we haven't heard from them...

If anyone has loved ones there also un-accounted for, you can use this number to try and get information : 020 7008 0000
Unbelievably horrible. I know Japan has lots of infrastructure to deal with tsunamis, but there's no way it was sufficient for this disaster. Hopefully it was enough, though, to help make the casualties as minimal as possible.

More serious than thou
We sustained a couple million dollars in damage so far today in Santa Cruz, up north in Crescent City I think 35 boats are crushed so that's much worse. Still, Cali is relatively fine. Huffpo is reporting up to 1000 people are dead in Japan, and that is genuinely tragic.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Stand up, Gundam!

(though it appears to be, if not a fake, a shot of the dismantling rather than quake damage).
From Scott at HLJ:
"Thank you for all your well-wishes!! To answer the most common question, yes, watch our Scratch & Dent department next week..."
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Didn't get to comment earlier before I ran out to work. Glad our very own Matt "8 years" Alt and Hiroko are okay. Best wishes to everybody affected by this disaster.

Rainbot beat me to it, waiting for the biggest HLJ dented box sale ever.
MattAlt (Admin)
Tsunami hits SF bay hours later:

Matt... heard your account on my local Los Angeles CBS news radio station today! You're going places, dude!
Dear God, I didn't know what was happening until just a few hours ago! I'm blown away by the videos of the tsunami moving across farmland with burning debris. Just horrific man.

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josh fraser (Moderator)
Warren sent me a photo with Matt on Anderson Cooper moments ago...

Alt is a household name now. ;-)
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Stay safe everyone I'll say a prayer for the families affected.
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