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A video game that you played with two joysticks. It was one guy shooting from his helmet and surrounded by the enemies when he materialized in the middle of the screen. He would try to rescue humans from aliens,evil robots, and other creatures. If the alien brains would touch the humans you had to shoot the humans. One joystick would control movement and the other shooting in the direction you pointed to.

I would play it at a comic book shop that had four old arcade machines. Does anyone know the name of the game?

Yessss. I just typed Robotron at Youtube and your right cae.


This game is so awesome and IMO ahead of its time with the two joystick idea.

I only had one year to play it because the comic shop closed. I am going to check and see if it is available for the Xbox 360.
You also might want to try Llamatron out. It's older freeware parody of Robotron that started it's life on the Atari ST. The pc version is dos so you'll need a dos emulator like dosbox.

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If you've got an Xbox 360 it's cheap to buy on XBL and works well with the thumbsticks.

Golden Gate Riot on dead trees at: []
Ah, Robotron 2084, my all-time favorite game...With the Dreamcast Bangai-O closely following it (just turn off the story stuff) :D

Smash TV is a spiritual sequel to Robotron 2084...Total Carnage is a sequel to that. Llamatron and Geometry Wars were inspired by Robotron...But none of these IMO even come close mostly because they carry all that power-up garbage :P
Llamatron is awesome! As I remember it, there are some Dr. Who sound effects in that game!

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