Do superhero movies really suck?

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Yeah, it's a great movie until you start asking WHY ISN'T STEVE CALLING TONY STARK...OR BRUCE BANNER, OR LONG DISTANCE TO THOR??? It's a certified global threat, yet everyone else is mysteriously absent. You can't have it both ways, either you build up to a universe where other heroes exist, or they don't.
Eh... that part didn't bother me since you can apply the same logic to the comic books (Spidey battles a big threat in New York in one of his solo books but where are the Fantastic Four, X-Men, Daredevil, Avengers, Power Man, Iron Fist, Cloak & Dagger, Power Pack and Howard the Duck?). Who's to say during what transpires in this movie that his Avengers friends were out of town, busy with their own crisis or Cap chose not to contact them (especially in the case of Stark since he had a hand in developing the new Heli-carriers and Fury had advised him to TRUST NO ONE?).

Hawkeye's absence was a bit glaring however but I heard they'll explain that in Avengers 2 (probably still recovering from Loki's mindf**k).
Honestly, I found it to be very enjoyable as a self-contained movie. I liked the play between Cap and Widow, thought Falcon was crafted appropriately and not in a cartoonish manner, and especially enjoyed the Winter Soldier set-up scenes and dynamic. It plays more like a Bond, MI or Borne film than a super-hero film, which is fine by me.

The true test for me is "will I watch it again". If it showed up on a Saturday on cable, I'd park myself and enjoy it. Not likely to go buy a copy. I also enjoyed Thor 2 at about the same level. For contrast's sake, if Iron Man 2 or 3 are on, I'm fine missing both of those turkeys.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Yeah, I thought Winter Soldier was up there with the top Marvel Studios flicks. Far from perfect, but I definitely enjoyed it. Spoilers ahead...

I liked how they introduced Falcon...I just wish they had dwelt on Cap's personal/psychological issues a little more (as a vet and as a person out of time).

Did anyone get the impression that the overall plot was a little too basic? Oh...Hydra took over SHIELD. Got it. But they sure built up the political intrigue in the beginning. It would have been nice to have a *little* more mystery. Like, who should Cap trust??? Instead, they pretty much answered all the tough questions by about 45 minutes in.

Anyway, Captain Hill's 5 lines were completely throw-away. Her presence was a complete waste of time.

And I kinda wish they had actually spent more time on Bucky/Winter Soldier. Yeah, their fight was a little angsty...but I felt there was a ton of wasted potential for good drama (again, potentially tying back into Cap's issues).

And not that this is really related to the movie, itself, but I'm a little disappointed that the next team-up is gonna be Age of Ultron. I mean, I know it's not going to have *anything* to do with the actual crossover from last year (which was fucking HORRENDOUS) besides the name...but I'd kinda like to see them stick with the Infinity Gems/cosmic plotline a bit more...

Oh, and incidentally, before the movie, we got trailers for Godzilla, Days of Future Past, Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Guardians of the Galaxy. I got my money's worth before Winter Soldier even started. :P
Sorry to tread back a few posts, but I didn't catch this the first time around in reference to Spidey going solo on his villains.

But where are Cloak and Dagger, Howard the Duck, and freakin' Power Pack?

H...what year do you think this is? Please don't be alarmed when you do find out....
Sanjeev (Admin)
Heh...I'm with Harv on this one. Not including other heroes (even local ones!) has always been a mainstay of superhero I can forgive that. But isn't Marvel Studios planning to address this (at least a little) with those NY-based miniseries for Power Man, Daredevil, and Iron Fist?
LOL - yep, I admit my comic knowledge is still deeply entrenched in the 80's to early 90's.... but srsly... Power Pack would be an IDEAL movie property for Marvel Productions!
Sanjeev (Admin)



Hah hah! Yes! Are there any other toy comics that are crossovers into the actual Marvel universe?

More serious than thou
Marvel doesn't own Rom, Parker Brothers (now owned by Hasbro) does. Much like Transformers, Marvel can't do anything without Hasbro's involvement. Sorry.

And as for toy books that crossover into the main Marvel universe, of course there's Micronauts! Transformers was originally a part of the main Marvel universe too (Dum Dum Dugan and Nick Fury and Spider-Man all showed up early on, as did the Savage Land, and TF comics character Circuit Breaker was crammed into Secret Wars II right before her first TF issue went to press so Marvel could claim ownership of her and Hasbro wouldn't get to keep her).

Golden Gate Riot on dead trees at: []

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Didn't the Shogun Warriors take place in the Marvel Universe?

Golden Gate Riot on dead trees at: []
Sanjeev (Admin)
Yeeeaaaaah...I'm aware of the ownership stuff revolving around Rom. I was jus' saying...especially in light of Hasbro having recently renewed some trademarks regarding the character.
I would welcome an updated action figure of Rom... as long as it retained some of it's electronic play features (at least light up eyes and gun!).
Speaking of Micronauts, Bug is a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, though I don't think he's in the movie...

Marvel tried a Rom reboot a while ago, though they couldn't use the name, so they just called it Spacenights. I kinda liked it, but it was a miniseries. They also still exist in the Marvel universe, most recently one brought Ultron back to Earth.
I'd send the spaceknights a card for bringing Ultron back to Earth (really dudes?), but that respirator sound just freaks me down to my liver. Sounds like some guy on Xbox live looking at porn while playing Harry Potter online.
Sanjeev (Admin)

Okay, yeah, the toy was friggin' turrble. But the comic was divine!
He seemed like a repurposed scuba diver...whatever.

So, now reviews for Spyodermahn yet? My wife already hit me with a spoiler, she can't help herself.
Saw "Spidey 2" over the weekend and it does present strong and compelling evidence that Super Hero movies do indeed suck.
Will Hot Toys being doing a die-cast Paul Giamatti as the Rhino figure anytime soon?
The Amazing Spiderman 2 was electric doo-doo. Nothing about that film worked except for Gwen Stacey's death, which was quickly resolved in about five minutes of "sad montage". The fucking Green Goblin was awful, awful, awful. Almost any of the unused concept designs would have been better.

Still, that Garfield boy is a much better Spiderman than that Macguire fellar.

Totally unrelated, I caught about half of X-Men 3: The What the Fuck the other day. As a superhero film about mutants, it sucks pretty bad. But if you substitute every use of the word "mutant" with "homosexual" it takes on a goddamn brilliant not-so-sub subtext that makes it an incredible experience. All of the weird characterizations, costumes, dialog, and emotional turmoil suddenly makes sense. For example, Hank McCoy is literally a "bear" archetype. Why did Wolverine and Cyclops spend so much time posturing and huffing around each other? Beause they were clearly feeling some sexual tension - and not over Jean. Why did Warren Worthington want so badly to cure his son? Not because of his awesome wings, but because he was clearly a gay underwear model that refused to stay in the closet.

But then some seriously dark counter points creep out of the narraticve. Why does Jean Gray get knifed in the guts? Because she has a vagina and keeps killing the hottest men in the story. Why does Magneto abandon Mystique for a teenage boy? Because she loses the gay genes that also let her turn into men. And so on. I don't think the intention was to create a misogynistic reading, but it happened. So...

Superhero movies really do suck, unless they're really about sucking - in which case they rule.

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Okay, did get a chance to see X-Men:Days of Future Past yesterday. Great flick, doesn't lie with the aggregate reviews...[]

If somebody had told me a few years back that they'd be making an X-Men movie with the cast from both the Singer X1 and X2 films, as well as the First Class cast, I would have called you out on it. Hard to believe they got all of these actors to play nice for what ends up being a very satisfying film. It's the COMIC version of these characters and their powers, not the neighborhood block party versions as showcased in the X1 through X3 movies.

BTW: Favorite scene: "Time in a Bottle" will never sound the same to me. Fantastic cameos as well, with the film pretty much erasing the ill-effects of X3 and setting up the future of the franchise. Nice.
Gcrush: I have always felt that the mutants as homosexuals subtext was completely intentional. Think back to pretty much any of the major conflicts between protagonists and antagonists throughout the films and a homosexual overtone can be implied. As a matter of fact they work better as an allegory.
Plus they all walk around wearing colorful tight spandex costumes, if that wasn't obvious enough.

Could you imagine Hugh Jackman prowling around the X-Men set in a yellow and blue tiger stripe costume?

Purrrr! ME TOO!

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Sanjeev (Admin)
Okay, did get a chance to see X-Men:Days of Future Past yesterday. Great flick...

Good lord,'re losing your edge. ;) Either that, or I truly *am* the only one on earth who didn't think Days of Future Past was particularly good.

Because it wasn't.

Okay, the acting was fine. The pacing was solid. Overall, it certainly wasn't awful. Obviously, they changed a LOT from the comic (yes, I re-read them during the week). I don't mind changing shit at all, actually...but some of those decisions really had me face-palming. But we'll get to that later...

Where to begin. The future Sentinels were SO fucking stupid-looking. Holy shit. They didn't even look remotely real. Just stupid and cartoony. The past Sentinels looked dumb, too. They looked like mid-90's Apple products. Too bad the story took place in the 70's. But at least they looked like SOMETHING. I don't get why they didn't just make the past Sentinels look like the classic Sentinels from the comics (which are already pretty retro). The one nice touch was that the future Sentinels were basically patterned after Nimrod (able to adapt to the powers of the mutants they were fighting). Cool reference for fans.

Anyway, one of my biggest problems was that, unlike the comic, they spent NO time *really* showing how awful the future was. It was just a quick shot of NYC all fucked up...then scene after scene of the same pretty teenie-bopper future mutants getting their asses kicked by the dumb future Sentinels. That's it. Despite the story being super-short In the comics (only two issues!), they still managed to show CRAZY buses fulla people being pulled by horses...mutant concentration camps...anti-mutant gangs roaming the wastelands...references to the Sentinels killing babies...

Also, what I loved about the comic was that one of the running themes was that they knew they would *never* know if they were successful or not. There was no stupid future-happy ending in the comics to reassure the audience. See, the characters didn't know if going back in time would change the future...or just split off another timeline, leaving the events of the "future" set in stone. Hell, they weren't even sure if mucking around with time would destroy reality! That uncertainty was awesome...and was something that was never addressed in Terminator (which came out two or three years after the Days of Future Past comics, and was basically the same story, minus mutants and the whole Marvel universe backdrop). In this movie, however, there was barely any discussion of that. Sure, at one point, Beast suggested that going after Mystique might not change anything...but that was only because he was being a spineless punk. One glare from Wolvie corrected his ass. But that was it. No more questioning the whole temporal mechanics subject ever again.

And what the fuck: did they ever explain how Kitty-fucking-Pryde magically gained the ability to send people's consciousnesses back in time??? She walks through walls. That's it. But anyway, she was the main character of the story in the comics--yes, a young girl...a very cool move on Claremont's part--but nope. Hollywood put Wolverine in charge. Again. 'Cause I just can't get enough of that Hugh Jackman booty! Kill me.

And I hated how the whole Sentinel program revolved around Mystique being this ultimate badass she *never* was in the comics. Please. That shit was so wack. So she can look like other people...hoo-fucking-ray. Sure, that makes her cool and super-dangerous as an infiltration specialist. But explain to me how THAT biological ability can help a mechanical robot adapt its powers to whatever it's fighting. I mean, she just LOOKS like other people--it's not like she gains their abilities! Lame.

Okay back to Wolverine being shoe-horned into the leading're telling me his "mind" can heal super-fast, too? That's why his consciousness can be sent back in time whole decades? Because his mutant healing factor allows him to recover from MENTAL STRESS faster than normal humans??? Wow...they're just making shit up as they go along now, huh? The comic made SO much more sense: all arrested/registered mutants were forced to wear inhibitor collars that suppressed their powers. Well, the various underground resistance cells finally found a way to jam them...thus restoring Phoenix's (yes, Rachel Summers!) off-the-charts psychic abilities. And they chose Kitty to send back because at the time of the assassination, she'd just joined the X-Men and thus had had no anti-psionic training (allowing her future consciousness to invade her past body with none of the resistance the other members would've encountered).

Once again, Storm was a COMPLETE waste of fucking time despite...y'know...being the leader of the X-Men. Colossus? Why bother? Bishop? Well, it was neat that they included him in the future scenes...but he was still wack compared to how badass he was in the comics.


I guess the problem is not so much that the movie sucked. But that the comics were so, SO much better...
Here's where I am at after 25 years of comic book movies done "as close as they're going to get to right". Batman...1989...I saw that thing in the theater four or five blew me away. Watching it now...still fine by me, but the impact of course isn't the same.

Then Batman got worse, and worse, and ugly! Then crept in Spiderman (Toby) and Singer's first two X-Flicks, all of which I enjoyed (minus Spider well as the Fantastic Four turds), as well as Iron Man, Thor and Avengers. There's a point where you either end up settling for the best Hollywood can do with a property versus what has been accomplished in the comics. The comic stories, depth of character, history, and unadulterated broadcast of imagination can't be touched.

I likely won't rush out to buy a DOFP dvd when they show up, but I enjoyed the pacing, tone, emotion and overall packaging of the movie. There is no way we're ever going to see a movie that does justice to a comic, but given the built-in quality curve I a lot to theatrical adaptations, this movie did it for me well enough.

Sure, Bishop and Sunspot were FX characters, but just the idea that they both made it on screen...even Warpath was fine. I did not expect them to follow the 80's comic that closely, but to wrap the universe they had built into that story ideal. I still can't believe they got all of those stars into one film, and carried it off in a fairly balanced sense. Also, fixing the mess of X3 and summarily deleting it from the collective angstgeist made it double mission accomplished in my book.

Yes, the future Sentinels were weak sauce (they were originally to be based on Rogue's powers, but they went in the Mystique direction to enhance the importance of her role), with the early 70's Sentinels being completely unbelievable as we still don't have anything close to them in real life 2014???

I hear what you're saying bro, loud and clear, but if I held a movie like this to that high of a standard, I'd never be able to enjoy any of the comic stuff that is being churned out. I chose to enjoy it on a practical level and allow some slippage and wink-wink moments. Still beats the pants of Man of Steel...DC better figure out how to not pooch Bats v Supes, but I think the writing is already on the wall with the one year delay now.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Real talk.

Yeah, at the end of the day, I agree with all your points. I guess this story in particular strikes a particular fanboy nerve in me: when I was just a wee reverend, the X-titles were my bread and butter. Well, at least in terms of mainstream superheroes; there were definitely a few other beloved titles...from DC/Vertigo's Sandman to New England Comics' The Tick! Anyway, when I first read Days of Future Past, I thought it was sublime--the pinnacle of superhero story-telling (though I read them a few years after they were published, as I worked my way through back issues). It was so clear to me how this story was the inspiration of Terminator (which I'd seen before reading DOFP); Terminator, itself, being *another* major influence on me growing up!

Well, when they first announced that they were doing a DOFP movie, I think part of me went into denial...stubbornly refusing to acknowledge its existence! It wasn't until I recently (within the past few months) downloaded and watched "The Wolverine" at Mason's insistence--which was a shockingly competent adaptation of the Claremont/Miller miniseries--that a glimmer of hope started to burn somewhere in my brain for DOFP.

DAMN HOPE! Always fucking with me!! Hope leads to expectations...which lead to disappointment (at least when Hollywood's involved!).

But I will say this: The Wolverine IS legit. As I've said many, many times before, I'm sick to death of Fox's hard-on for Wolverine (yeah, yeah...I know: it's the focus groups and angsty teen boys who have the hard-on for his played-out anti-hero antics...and the lonely housewives who long for Hugh Jackman's butt). But that doesn't change the fact that this movie is one of the BEST comic adaptations I've ever seen. For real, if you haven't seen it yet, first (re?)read the comics...THEN see it. It's still Hollywood...but I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

And like I said, having THAT experience fresh in my mind pretty much boned me for DOFP! :P
Yeah, I still haven't gotten to "The Wolverine" after the first turkey Wolverine movie. It's on my list now for sure.

Don't get me started on Edlund's Tick...that was one of those "gems" you land on almost by mistake, but gleefully share with anyone who will take a read. Beware the Red Scare! (don't you want to tie me up?)

I enjoyed the animated version as well as the short lived live action with Warburton...could have been much worse in my estimation.

Not sure what will come of the upcoming Apocalypse movie. Can expect horsemen, and likely Cable (along with Tatum as Gamibt now?) with the hope for Sinister. Hopefully they'll get Rogue right this time if they're bringing in the ragin' Cajun.


p.s. Watched Frozen twice this last weekend...spectacular animation...non-existent apparently love it!
I thought "The Wolverine" was okay, definitely better than the horrible "X-men Origins: Wolverine" but still had it's problems, especially in the 3rd act with stupid CGI Samurai Robutt. And not enough Wolvie vs. Ninjas action... I still haven't watched the "Director's Cut" on Blu-Ray that apparently is more violent (CGI blood splatters...).

And Sanjeev... all your beefs with "X-Men Days of Future Past" I agree with (shoe-horning Wolvie into the story, time-travelling Kitty...) but everything still worked well together as a fun movie.... I probably still prefer "X2" over it but it's on par with "First Class", I'd say.
Sanjeev (Admin)
So, The Tick was written literally one town south of where I was born...and one town north of where I grew up. And it was pure serendipity that I discovered the comics at a friend's house in the late 80's (a much bigger comic book nerd than I ever was). There wasn't a single character in that comic (or the cartoon) that wasn't utterly sublime.

The evil Midnight Bomber, what bombs at midnight!!

Never caught the live-action series with Warburton, but it's on my list...

Anyway, I could get behind an Apocalypse movie...but I'm still sticking to my default "it's terrible unless/until I get multiple positive reviews from people I trust" mentality. Channing Tatum as Gambit? Yeah. Way to cast.

Harv, I could forgive the CG Silver Samurai because, well, have you seen him in the comic?? That's pretty much what he looks like! I knew they weren't going to build any sort of practical suit to depict him, so I was expecting CG all the way. I thought it was done okay. I mean, compare him to the future Sentinels in DOFP! But I agree: more ninja-fighting would have been nice.

And, yeah, I thought DOFP was on par with First Class, but perhaps not quite as good as least as far as acting, pacing, and action (i.e., the fun stuff).
X2 is hard to beat. No doubt my favorite of the series. Singer was on his fanboy game with that one!
Sanjeev (Admin)
Singer was on his fanboy game with that one!

I obviously understand the meaning of the sentence above...but when I first read it quickly, all that came to mind was...well...y'know...


(okay, no, rape isn't funny...but c'mon! that's some damn-ironic wording!)
The "Shadowcat suddenly gaining the power to transport minds to the past" bugged me, as well. You'd thought they'd just be able to create a noname mutant for that. Also, they cut about a 10 min scene where Rogue is rescued from a Sentinel facility. This was presumably to help Shadowcat when she gets sliced up. It would also explain how the future Sentinels have the ability to absorb mutant powers.

Sanjeev (Admin)
I think what Adam said (about Rogue being written out in favor of Mystique) kinda makes sense. I mean, if they emphasized Rogue's powers in any real way in this movie, it would have called into question Trask's whole motivation... :/
Jeevsie...too soon...toooo sooooooon. Still, I suppose I shoulder some of the blame here...bad...baaaaaad.

It just struck me as weird that the news came out during the press tour for the film, especially when this supposedly happened more then a decade ago. ???

I remember reading that the "future Rogue" scene did in fact showcase a powerhouse Rogue with her absorbed Ms. Marvel powers akin to the comics. Hoping that this ends up on the DVD as a prime extraaaa!
I still haven't watched the "Director's Cut" on Blu-Ray that apparently is more violent (CGI blood splatters...).

I watched the director's cut and it was indeed more violent, though it didn't do anything to correct some of the deeper flaws in the film. But! Probably my favorite of the X-flavor films.

Regarding DOFP, I don't understand the praise it has been getting. The story was a huge fucking mess and incredibly stupid. Timetravel just ruins every good idea ever. But! It was still no worse than any other X-flavor film and better than some (I'm eyeing you, Wolverine Origins).

Questions the film gave me:

0. Just why the fuck did they even need to free Magneto in the first place since he neither knew where Mystique was nor had enough influence to stop her?

1. If Sentinels can fly, why do they need airplanes?

2. When did Wolverine get his metal claws back in the future?

3. Why couldn't Blink just teleport the Sentinels into, say, a volcano?

4. When did "pulling a knife" become a supower power?

5. How the fuck does turning off your mental powers fix your severed spinal cord?

6. So, taking drugs lets Beast suck blue hair into his body?

7. Why can Quicksilver move fast enough to shatter glass without also causing his clothes to melt or catch on fire? Can he move fast enough to defy gravity? Does he need to run to move super fast? If not, then how does he control the speed of passing time when he's standing still?

8. How did Magneto's impling that both he and Charles had fucked the latter's foster sister advance the plot?

9. If Magneto can mentally melt steel why wouldn't he use the same power to smother all those VIPs in the shelter, or just literally rip the iron right out of someone's body in order to kill them instantly, or just make a brand new helmet for himself instead of stealing the one from the wherever-the-fuck-it-was-supposed-to-be-locked-up?

10. Magneto can control giant robots and their brains by threading steel filaments up their asses?

11. Bolivar Trask developed a computer that has no metallic components whatsoever and has an AI sophisticated enough to know who to kill/not-kill AND put it all in the body of a giant robot made from meta-materials stronger than steel - and the only thing the government has to consider is whether they should give him enough funding so he can use all that for his own personal brand of civil rights' violations?

12. If the Professor sent his mind into the comatose guy from X3 how did he end up looking the same and in a fucking wheelchair (AGAIN)?

13. One of Beast's super powers is the ability to operate as a one man flight crew and he spends it by acting as a butler-chauffer?

14. Wolverine's healing factor means he doesn't need oxygen?

15. Despite numerous ordinary people being mutants with very obvious physical differences only the most powerful leaders in the world know about the existence of mutants - including the North Vietnamese? So people just think that having a neighbor with quills sticking out of his whole body or the dood in the kitch whole looks like a giant frog is, what, not worth thinking about? Are mutants the world's best kept secret?

16. If you could turn your super powerful steel skin on and off, why would you ever turn it off? Does super steel skin also protect your eyes? Are they steel, too? How the fuck do you see then?

17. If Quicksilver moves and eats super fast, does he shit super fast, too? Is he wearing diapers all the time? Or does time slow down for him during every bowel movement since he needs to sit still?

18. Why would the amount of time passing in the future have any correlation to the amount of time passing in the past? Even if they're both moving at the same speed the effects of anything done in the past would be nearly instantaneous in the present, right?

19. If changing the past directly alters the future, why does all the broken scenery stay the same while only the people disappear?

20. How can Kitty control with such precision the exact moment where someone ends up in time travel without using that same ability to most certainly stop the sentinel attacks the same way?

21. How could Wolverine not already know how the events would play out in the past before they sent him back since whatever he did then would amount to memories for him that exist in the future?

22. If they sent Wolverine to an alternate timeline where his past was different, how do they know that they're not inadvertantly fucking up civilization for a completely different reality since if the realities are the same then it's not an alternate timeline and if they're different nothing will actually change in their timeline?

23. How is it that they say the only person who will know about the alternative timeline is Wolverine, but after his mission is over even the Professor seems to have a pretty fucking good idea about what happened?

24. Does that mean everyone knows that there are two Wolverines and that one will suddenly replace the other in the same body - like, asshole wolverine lives from 1880 to 2014 and then on June 4th he is suddenly replaced with cool and friendly Wolverine? What happened to the consciousness of that previous Wolverine? Did they kill it when they smothered it over with New-Old Wolverine? If Wolverine went along willingly, does that mean he committed ecumenical suicide? So, will Wolverine know the future after he "comes back" to his body? Why did his New-Old consciousness return to his body at that particular moment since it happens after the past he was altering but before the moment where he was sent back into the past?

25. Are these movies really about watching middle aged people and senior citizens fight each other to the death? Magneto must be in his 90s when shown in the future, but if Quicksilver is his kid then he must have fathered him when he was a teenager shortly after the end of WWII. And Beast must have been in at least his 50s when seen in X3. Same with Toad in X1. And Mystique is nearly as old as the Professor - meaning she was post-menopausal throughout the whole first X-men trilogy.

I... Could go on and on and on. But my point doesn't change much. Some movies are bad because of the acting and directing, while other movies are bad because the story makes no fucking sense even within the context of its own disbelief-willingly-suspended universe. The whole time I watched the film I couldn't shake the feeling that I was seeing a more retarded version of the Harry Potter universe, one in which the wizards are limited to only a couple of spells at most.

At least the gay and minority rights allegory still holds up, though the gender implication get more ominous with each passing film. Of course Magneto just instantly decides to kill Mystique after talking about fucking her a few scenes before - because she's a woman and he's an angry gay man that only lives to humiliate and use her while fighting with his gay archnemesis, the one who's actually okay with straight people. Yikes.
Sanjeev (Admin)
"Too soon"??? It's been a decade! :P

I know, I know...baaaaaad! But I'm a little skeptical about the timing, myself. I mean, it's not my place to say who did what...but it doesn't exactly help your case to bring up such allegations *at the height* of the dude's popularity...

Anyway, whatever.

I woulda loved to have seen Rogue go full bore with Ms Marvel's powers! But honestly, what I really would've liked to have seen was them use DIFFERENT actors in the future scenes. Seeing the same teeny-boppers, just with grey streaks in their hair, doesn't exactly give much of an impression of THE FUTURE. I mean, they're *still* so obviously kids under that crummy makeup!

Like, when I was re-reading DOFP, I was envisioning Sigourney Weaver playing Kate Pryde!
Sanjeev (Admin)
Some movies are bad because of the acting and directing, while other movies are bad because the story makes no fucking sense even within the context of its own disbelief-willingly-suspended universe.

I love you, man. Don't ever change.
Weaver is looking to get back into new Alien movies...can't imagine how that would work...lest she be the Alien Queen this time?

Just a few EASY answers for Crush...

0. So they can have the AWESOME scene with his son breaking him out...WHIP...LASH! Duh!

1. You can walk and still drive a car...right?

2. Blink did it. (Blink and you missed it)

3. Blink is a ditz.

4. Warpath had super strength and nigh-invulnerability as well...the nigh part not holding up so well.

5. Read the comics...injury is psychological, not physical.

6. I take the same drugs and that's what happens.

7. His sheer awesomeness answers all of your questions.

8. It wasn't so much for the plot, rather a poorly veiled attempt to get airings on Cinemax

9. It depends on whether he took his Iron supplement that same day.

10. Hey, that would get my attention too.

11. Bureaucracy is funny that way, eh?

12. Haircut.

13. Kind of like John Favreau in Iron Man...

14. Just not as much.

15. I also tend to people who look like that just live their lives, no sense in riling them up.

16. TSA

17. No matter what he eats, it's still the same enchilada effect.

18. M divided by T squared multiplied by the coefficient of Tau Q.

19. T squared minus, er, M in half, niner...?

20. Chewing gum screws it all up.

21. Go watch Seasons 1 through 39 of Dr. Who and call back please.

22. Quit watching Sliders, at the same time, eat more sliders.

23. He's completely mental.

24. Mind merge.

25. Quicksilver a baby-boomer? Lame!
But honestly, what I really would've liked to have seen was them use DIFFERENT actors in the future scenes. Seeing the same teeny-boppers, just with grey streaks in their hair, doesn't exactly give much of an impression of THE FUTURE. I mean, they're *still* so obviously kids under that crummy makeup!

Agreed. I found that way more distracting that the design of the Future Sentinels.

Just a few EASY answers for Crush...

I swear you must have been an executive producer for the film. It's eeire just how accurately you've nailed it. I could literally hear most of those answers coming out of their mouths in between gasps of aerosolized cocaine.
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