What do Kaiju eat?

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Hi all! I was writing about my favorite monster recently, and I was considering it's diet. I can't for the life of me find anything about what it eats, and I don't remember ever seeing it eat in any movies, or any other monsters for that matter. I am no authority on kaiju flicks by any means, so I am asking, has anyone here seen kaiju eat in movies, or been privy to any other dietary information about them?

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In the Toho films, I remember Rodan catching dolphins when he was cooped up on Monster Island. Baragon ate chickens and horses. And Godzilla didn't seem to need to eat if he could feed off a power plant.

On the Ultra side, there was some real weirdness. Gamakujira ate pearls, and IIRC Red King ate other kaiju.

"What do kaiju eat?"

People. (see War of the Gargantuas)

Or another satisfactory answer would be "anything they want!"

I also hear that Baragon likes fruit:

Gigan has been known to eat a Haro or two.

Gomora seems to be addicted to baby tortoises.

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Excellent responses all. Thank you. I am intrigued by Red King, was he considered to be a blessing and a curse then? Any insight into Gamera's dietary needs?
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Warrhead Wrote:
>Any insight into Gamera's dietary needs?

Gamera eats fire and lava. Hedorah eats pollution.

HA! Gamera needs very little calories for such a large beast! Surprising, I would have expected, ya' know, turtle things...
hillsy Wrote:
> Gamera eats fire and lava. Hedorah eats pollution.

thank you.
Here's a shot of where Gamera keeps the things he eats:

Again, thanks! This is exceedingly helpful.
King Saurus the 3rd from Ultraman Jack ate uranium and Pestar from Ultraman had a diet of oil...tasty!
So for the most part, monsters think people taste terrible too huh?
Godzilla ate the fumes from the nuclear plant in Godzilla 1984/85

And Dragonzord ate that same smokestack for like three times.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".

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poor Gamera:

No nut sac.

MattAlt (Admin)
What do kaiju eat? Canned kaiju food, of course.

Crazygon eats cars.

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