methinks there is some shill bidding going on here...

Posted by Corellian Corvette 
Someone look at the bid history and explain to me how this would happen. If there were other bids, which kept the initial bidder in the lead, wouldn't those bids show, too?

I think it is because there was a reserve on it. The bidder kept bumping up his bids until he hit the reserve of $400. All his previous bids showed up once the reserve was hit (I believe thats how it works, but dont quote me).

Same thing went on with this one, with the second place guy upping his bids with no bidders in-between:

See I was thinking that, except usually when a reserve is hit there is a notice about that. On you second item, notice it says "reserve not met" but there is nothing about meeting a reserve.

Take a look at one of my auctions, which had a reserve, where the same bidder was bidding up until the reserve was hit. Again, there's a notice.


So I'm confused...
On the God Mars, if you go to the bid history, you will see on the right side by the toy, it says reserve met. I think because it is a live auction, it does not say it yet.
Gah. There it is. Plain as day. I'm an idiot <facepalm>
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