Gaiking the movie - let us all pray that it doesn't suck

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"Toei Animation has announced that Light Stage, one of the production tools used on the computer graphics for James Cameron's Avatar film, was used for an all-new pilot for a remake of Toei's Gaiking anime series. Light Stage developer Jules Urbach produced the pilot in North America. The pilot will be revealed for the first time at this week's Tokyo International Anime Fair." - Anime News Network
ANN article
Announcement on the Toei website

Huh, what?

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Why would God need a giant robot?
MattAlt (Admin)

Toei has announced that Light Stage, one of the Oscar-winning production studios on the computer graphics for James Cameron's Avatar film, produced an all-new pilot for a remake of Toei's Gaiking anime series. The pilot will be revealed for the first time at this week's Tokyo International Anime Fair.
Sanjeev (Admin)
And, hey, remember when Cameron was gonna do that Mazinger Z remake? I think we've come full circle!
Sorry I had to go clean off my pants.

That's a sweet looking Gaiking! Hope they stick closer to the original as far as characters and support mecha, wasn't a huge fan of the recent Anime (if I want anything "open face", it's going to be a giant steak, pepper and cheese samich!).

I just hope that someone finally comes up with a plausible plot device to explain the purpose of having the head of the dragon/robot body "launch" into the air to combine with the "extra parts" vs. just carrying the robot around in the belly of the dragon (of course the head/body couldn't be in the belly, unless the head came back up through it's arse). I mean, aside from the obvious aerodynamic challenges to the head actually FLYING (dramatic pause), it makes for good toy but not so smartish story.

The big nerd in me always thought that there should be a tiny alien nuclear-type reactor (akin to the Daimolyte in General Daimos) that was contained only by the special metal used for the dragon skull which powered the whole dragon until they needed to unleash the Gaiking fighting robot to pour it on in combat against a more maneuverable adversary. Then the Daikumaryu could run on smelly diesel fuel until the head came back, with Greenpeace following behind protesting in the haze of the plume of diesel fumes...hack, hack, cough!

Anyway, I am in no way "hating" on Gaiking, but of the big super robots of the 70's (three way interchangeable Getters, transforming satellizers and super trucks, ufo robots, etc.) dat' flying head just never made no sense to me.

-Adam (Supersentai)

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"dat' flying head just never made no sense to me."

?? But it is a Robot and a Samurai Skull?

And to be honest, the transformation of the Getta ships is way more convoluted from an engineering/design perspective. The Gaiking formation is pretty straightforward. Point is, you have many toys that represent the actual transformation of Gaiking in an accurate manner, where there is nothing other than the Perfect change that can make the Getta robots work.

If we actually try to dissect these shows and make them realistic... I feel it is a exercise in futility. Just get a 20 oz Kirin and some edamame, watch it on a big screen, and suspend the disbelief.


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I'm fine with a Kirin or Sapporo easing my brain into a state of "just shut up and enjoy the anime" of my annual birthday traditions is to cart out my VHS copy of the Force Five Gaiking movie and watch that with some "cold buddies". My wife still winces, but eventually my son will be old enough to appreciate the gold-mine of having a father-child in the house.

I would just assume that given the obvious high production value going into this new Gaiking series, it's hard to imagine the wouldn't invest the same effort into story and semi-plausibility. I can imagine some young production exec in the back of the room keep asking "Uh, but why does the head fly around again? Why don't the bad guys just shoot the head off before they make the robot?"

As far as the Getters go, I would have been happy if the SOC's would separate into three ships (as best they could) that cleanly combined into each individual character without worrying about the infinitely insane engineering feat of having to transform into three distinctly different robots. The Perfect Change versions almost seem "lego-like" in that they dissassemble to such a degree that I can imagine there are 500 steps to each transformation.

-Adam (Supersentai)
If you really want to go for plausibility, go back one more step and ask, "why are they using a giant robot?"
Does anyone know if it is going to be based on the original, or the Legend of series?

My hope is the former, I want to see the Great Darius and the Death quartet in avatar-like GCI.
Roger asks "why are they using a giant robot?"

Okay, you're reaching toward scary plausibility territory.

Isn't that the kind of comment that gets you kicked off toybox for a year?

It's questions like that that shake the core of the entire Chogokin continuum.

If they didn't use giant robots, we wouldn't have the small ones to collect...and THEN WHERE WOULD WE BE??? AHHHHHHH!

-Adam (
I think they did a pretty good job of explaining the Getta machine's gattai in the Getta Robo Armageddon ova, I remember there was a part where the internal skeletons of the individual limbs and such would pop out and then the exterior skin would be made of thousands of tiny segments that joined together over the skeleton to make the combination more plausible... right? here's a vid: []
Unfortunately, we can't ban Rog....he has a "forever login".

How does the lightsaber beam just stop at a certain point? Why doesn't it just go on forever?
I am more interested in Gaiking right now. Pontifications regarding "what if" about other sci fi need not apply. ;-)

So where did this come from? Matt, did you have any idea they were working on this?

I am so confused. Did the Legend series do that well to warrant it? I am not complaining, but it seems like a long shot in terms of popularity. I am trying to find out about this but am coming up short.

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MattAlt (Admin)
"If you really want to go for plausibility, go back one more step and ask, "why are they using a giant robot?""

I prefer to go back two more steps and just ask, "Why?"


And why would God need a spaceship?

And why is Gaiking totally black and white and have squared-off knuckles?
Because rounded-off knuckles don't hurt as much...might as well be wearing marshmallows on his hands during a, duh!


According to the official website, Toei Animation produced a pilot movie of Gaiking remake work. The CGI pilot will be shown at Tokyo International Anime Fair 2010 to be held on March 27th.

Is anyone ( living in Tokyo) going to this??

I assume the Harlock one will be shown at the same event? Man this is unexpected.
If this is the new standard by which robot anime will be measured, we are entering the age where the blur between live action and "car-toons" is steadily slipping away.

The key in my book is how the human characters are rendered, it's nice to show a sharp and articualted looking mech, but if the people part of the series is rendered poorly, it kills the show for me. Hoping for the best!

I'm here! What's up? oh wait, its the other Josh....
Josh, if you see the other Josh, tell him that there's a new Gaiking.
JoshB Wrote:
> I'm here! What's up? oh wait, its the other
> Josh....

Haha...well if there is a Raideen movie, it will be your turn to gush like a schoolgirl. ;-)

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Erik Sjoen (Admin)
Well, this is certainly good news. Can't say that I watch to much of this kind of thing but the Gaiking stuff looks totally awesome. And Harlock? I'm so there for that. Swashbuckling pimp of space.. My kind of guy.

Minister Alt, do you plan on going? An insiders brog review would be suuuhweet! Maybe cohiba might even lowbrow it for an evening at the theater, ahhhemm, I mean "cinema". ;)

Either way, it would cool to hear a review.
Sanjeev (Admin) this actually...happening?

I honestly replied to Alt's first post with the Cameron-Mazinger pipedream in mind. I mean, I enjoyed the "Legend of", but I figured it was so unpopular, Bandai canned the other chogokin toys (the Vulking and Raiking that were supposed to combine with the GE-10 Gaiking)...

It seems a bit far-fetched that an Oscar-winning CG company would team up with Toei to make yet another new Gaiking show...y' James Cameron directing a live-action Mazinger Z movie.
I just get a little mad at the willful disinformation, ya know?

In the press release for both of these projects it's all about 'international' and how they hope to get these on the screens of Theaters in America.. I call BS on that.

Like the thinking of many of the rest of the 'cool Japan' content generators America is a dead market, the push is Europe and the Pac Rim. See the Sailor Moon revival as further proof.

Gaiking is aimed at Italy, Harlock is aimed at France.

Oh, I don't doubt they'll both get a showing at Viz's theater in San Fran and being able to promote 'these movies played in America!' will be a selling point come next MIP-TV con at Cannes.

The timing is really strange. It's like the project started before Astro Boy opened (and died, died died a horrid screaming death) and rather than taking note of that they saw the box office for Transformers 2 and Avatar and said "YEAH! We can be just like that! We'll be RICH!"

And we KNOW how that's gonna work out, don't we?

Still and all, if some bitchin' toys get generated, that's cool.
My poorly informed assumption is they are going to do the old style story simply because it looks as if they are doing the old style for Harlock. Redesigns of classic era story lines/characters never seem to fare as well in my opinion. People generally want to see the franchise just updated but faithful to the original.

I don't think anyone is thinking they are going to get "rich" off this realistically. The cost of the Astroboy movie might be higher due to a number of other factors.
I see it as maybe a property they could do "cheaply" and showcase their technology since they own it outright. Who knows.

With the New Yamato movie coming out, Harlock seems like a nice choice with enough hardcore followers to want to see it. God knows there have been plenty of Harlock series out there. The Gaiking series might just be something of a fluke, or simply on the minds of people since the Legends series did put the character in the psyche of modern viewers. Maybe doing something like Mazinga again seemed like overkill right now, since there have been so many Mazinga shows...or maybe this is a test for them to see if there is a real market for a CGI Super robot series outside of Tetsujin and the likes of Astroboy, so that Cameron can be comfortable with going forward with the likes of Mazinga. All silly speculation on my part.

But who knows.I certainly won't pretend I know the reasoning... Lets wait and see what happens in 72 hours I guess. There has to be more info out there though. ;-/
All of my assumptions are kind of meaningless until there is some official info out there.

everytime i sell a gaiking, a little part of me dies......

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If I were a really evil person (and some think I am), I would suggest that Toei is making Gaiking because they own it in clear, as opposed to having to split money with Dynamic Pro with Grendizer.

but I'm SURE that can't be the reason. Why, you'd have to have at least 2 college degrees to be able to have that be a valid thought! :)

(note: while it's accepted that Nagai and Dynamic Pro were involved with Gaiking, and there was a lawsuit over it, in strict legal terms It's all Toei and Fuji TV, see the copyright note on the official Toei Gaiking page. [] )
"I see it as maybe a property they could do "cheaply" and showcase their technology since they own it outright. Who knows. "

I think I said that above also, so I don't think your tongue in cheek "conspiracy theory" is evil. Just realistic.

They own it... easier/cheaper to make as a showcase for a new medium.
Yes, I was just putting the specifics out there which I knew would make it sound XFiles-ish to some.

Grendizer would have been a much better license because we all know Europe as a whole loves them some Goldrake, but I'm sure Dynamic Pro would have wanted money and input.

And a Grendy CG movie may have crossed up whatever plans Nagai may have in r.e. eventually cranking out Shin Grendizer. (hope hope hope come on Imagawa going apeshit insane with Grendizer? if only!)
Man, they're remaking Gaiking AGAIN? He just had a remake. I'd kind of rather see this sort of spectacle remake go to a robot that is a bit more flashy. Something like Voltus or God Sigma. There's some robots in need of a relaunch.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Whoa. Thread deja vu...
I liked Matt's thread title better.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Yeah, well...I apparently have no clue how to merge threads. Deal with it.

Roger Wrote:
> How does the lightsaber beam just stop at a
> certain point? Why doesn't it just go on forever?

The Force.
So since it is like 48 hours away, anyone going to go see this?

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I don't think the Star Trek transporter is quite a reality, yet.

Giantbluerobot Wrote:
> Roger Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> > How does the lightsaber beam just stop at a
> > certain point? Why doesn't it just go on
> forever?
> The Force.

Pfft. 'The Force.' That's your answer for everything!
Sanjeev (Admin)
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