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Anonymous User (Moderator)
It's been suggested the guidelines aren't clear on MOE. Here's some clarifications:

1. It's the preference of the owners and the majority of the contributors to this site that you not post about MOE. It doesn't really matter if you think that's right or wrong, that's our preference. Just avoid it.

2. Are we going to squash any conversation that has the term in it? No. As usual, Off Topic is off topic, and we don't want to run a draconian and politically correct site.

No squashing also means no purposeful derailing of conversation into sanctimonious missile firing on either side of this issue. If you hate this stuff, then stay out of it. Getting involved and baiting people basically keeps the threads active. So why are you doing it?

3. Finally, if images or movies get posted that happen to piss off any of us who have moderator control, that content -- along with the thread -- will probably be nuked. Again, it's not an argument pro or con. It's about our personal preferences on the site.

* * *

If you can't handle the subtlety of this kind of etiquette driven self-control, on either side of it, then I'm sure the above will be confusing to you. That's too bad, but we'll work around you.

I hope, however, that the majority of us can understand being asked to abide by a community guideline and being civil about it, regardless of our personal beliefs.

Thanks for your understanding.

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