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My dinosaurs only drink OE.

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
I make 3D printed mecha action figures.
I've seen the P'gnash T-Rexor at craft stores before. The sculpt and paint are excellent for $25. But it's a goddamn statue and I want a dinosaur action figure. To that end, I guess the Revo-Rex is the best (only?) option out there.

Which reminds me... There was a kid in elementary school that invited me over to play dinosaurs with him. He said he had a whole lot of them. When I went over to his house, it was true. He did have a lot. Dozens and dozens of them. And every last one of them was herbivorous. When I asked him why he didn’t have a T-rex, he said, “My parents won’t let me have dinosaurs like that because they’re too violent.” His mom would scold us if we ran around too fast or made too many growing noises with the dinosaurs. So our afternoon consisted mostly of taking his triceratops around quietly exploring and finding grass for them to eat. Even at six years old the experience was so vanilla that when I left all I could think was, “Dood, your parents are determined to turn you into the world’s most boring pussy.” It was so depressing that I never went back. I did, however, try to give him a GI Joe guy at school one day thinking it would be pretty badass. He was really nervous when I insisted he take it. The next day he brought it back and said, “My mom told me I can’t keep this. I think she doesn’t want me to play with you anymore.” Which was fine. It taught me an important life lesson. It’s not that boys are inherently violent or biologically prone to liking action-oriented toys; it’s that pacifism is so fucking boring that it even sucks the fun out of dinosaurs. And that’s one to grow on!
There's a lot of room for improvement here, but it's still probably the best T. rex action figure available.

Now I gotta track me down a Revoltech Lupin or Jigen for a non-exorbitant price and swap T. rex's head, feet and tiny lil' arms on. It looks like their wrist joints may be the same size as the micro-Revoltechs that serve as the T. rex's "shoulders"...

-Paul Segal

"Oh, the anger is never far, never far." -SteveH

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here's some scale reference

-Paul Segal

"Oh, the anger is never far, never far." -SteveH

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asterphage Wrote:
> here's some scale reference

Nice cars! The Esponja Bob is an especially good choice.
Gcrush Wrote:
> asterphage Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> > here's some scale reference
> Nice cars! The Esponja Bob is an especially good
> choice.

He's Bob Esponja in the official Spanish translation. He would be Beto Esponja if you actually wanted to get the nuance just right.

I want YOU for Moé Sucks Army
oh my god Calamardo Tentáculos is the best name ever

we really need Spongebob Revoltechs.

and while I'm blue-skying (blue-ocean-surface-ing?), Adventure Time would be a great fit...

-Paul Segal

"Oh, the anger is never far, never far." -SteveH
Sanjeev (Admin)
Not to derail, but I've heard the existing Adventure Time figures are pretty great. Not sure if they're bendies or what--some of the 5" ones say "stretch arms", but that's a little vague (and beware: some of the 5" releases aren't posable at all).

I was thinking about buying the full size sword...but then I found out it's stiff/hollow plastic, not Nerfy foam... :/
I think I need this, but I'm not remotely sure why (I haven't seen or read any "Sunred"):

I watched a couple of episodes of that. It was really... Well, I get that it's supposed to be a surreal parody of tokusatsu tropes by contrasting them with the real life scenarios and personality types of adult society. But it somehow didn't quite work. There was a scene with the mongo headed main villain scolding a tigerish hench-monster for living like a complete slob. That was funny if you've ever seen a slovenly kept one-room in East Asia in person, but that's fairly niche. I found it really difficult to get past the low-budget animation quality, too.

But I loved the character designs. It'd be cool to see a few more of those get turned into Figmas.
What's this? A sailor boy stuffing things into his mouth? That's not Bizzarree. That's blase.

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Don't call me if you don't have eight terrifing arms. This toy is amazing.

First, it's a badass representation of a badass diety who wears a tiger skin for a skirt and snakes for a belt and bracelets.

Second, it has almost 100 different parts (every bracelet and snake is a seperate piece), over 50 individually molded pieces, and over a dozen paint apps.

Third, it is an absolute fucking bargain at around $35.

I've all but given up on Revoltech aside from these Takeya-sculpted deities and it seems like they just keep getting better. For around $10 more than a Loincloth Lenny you can get a figure that it around 100 times more impressive. I don't know how Kaiyodo can stay in business putting these things out. Everyone should go buy one of these! Today!

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Sanjeev (Admin)
I've been considering getting the Fudo Myoo figure ('cause of his prominence in martial arts philosophy)...maybe I'll make that happen finally...
I've been considering getting the Fudo Myoo figure ('cause of his prominence in martial arts philosophy)...maybe I'll make that happen finally...

I passed on that one because of the goofy Bell's Palsy face. I might reconsider it, though...
Sanjeev (Admin)
I never made it happen. :/

Now...will I make it happen with Suguru???

Where's Gcrush???
Does he come with the Metroplex you linked or something?

They're going to have to show me that they're going for the other Kinnikuman characters before I sink money into another scale. I wish the Medicos Kinnikuman line continued...
Sanjeev (Admin)
Heh...oops! I was copying that Metroplex link for a buddy who missed the toy the first time around. Anyway, here:

But I hear you regarding dipping into yet another Kinnikuman figure line. But what's this about the Medicom line being discontinued (you're talking about the sweet retro-style mask-off vinyls, right?)? Is that official...or a guess based on the lack of new releases in a while? If it's really discontinued, that'd be a shame because those are killer toys.

FiveStar Toys' vinyls are probably my favorite overall Kinnikuman toys though. I'm not much of an "action figure" guy, as I've mentioned before. They're often too fiddly--too many loose joints and other bits--for my tastes...and that's almost always the case for me with Revoltechs, in particular. So this line is probably gonna be an easy pass. On the other hand, the FiveStar dudes, in my opinion, provide the right balance of size, detail, and fun...with just enough articulation to keep me happy (and obviously to differentiate them from the statuesque CCP vinyls).
Nah, the Medicos action figures, the same guys who make the Jojo figures above (it's the same line, super action statue, though they're anything but statues). They released, I believe, Warsman, Robin Mask, and Buffaloman, and somehow didn't even get to Suguru (although they showed models of guys like Kinnikuman Phoenix, so I'm sure Suguru was just a headsculpt away).

Those Medicom Kinnikuman are cool too, though.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Oh, lookit that! I don't think I'd ever seen these "Medicos" figures before. Kind of a cross between CCP's gorgeous sculpting and Romando's beeftastic action figures. Not bad! Bummer that they didn't get very far into the cast though. I don't get it--there are a LOT of Kinnikuman fans out there...I'm just surprised they wouldn't come out and consistently support one line or another. I've got my fingers crossed that the FiveStar line continues. They've got almost 20 characters now and even though they're pretty damn expensive, they're highly regarded among picky sofubi collectors in terms of quality.
Man I need that FiveStar where do I need to go to track him down...?
Sanjeev (Admin)
Not surprisingly, my go-to places for FiveStar figures are Mandarake and Y!J. With patience, you can get solid deals on Y!J, but if you're looking for a very particular color scheme for a dude, Mandarake works for me (just recently scored the standard painted Ninja from them!).

So now Revoltech solicited another Kinnikuman figure, Black Hole (seems like an odd choice to me). I almost preordered, but then Bandai solicited Suguru and Warsman in the SH Figuarts line! And a Figuarts Stage that's the ring corner... I wonder if Bluefin will get distribution rights here because of the M.U.S.C.L.E. nostalgia.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Saw a pic of the Figufart MUSCLEs the other day (Suguru and Warsman...but not the ring). It'd be truly badass if Bluefin brought 'em over!
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