I can't avenge you, Roger.

Posted by VF5SS 
Hahaha! It was a tragic tailspin for both of you.

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
I make 3D printed mecha action figures.
I got some good digs. It was fun.
Wait, what? What did I miss here?
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
Did I miss something. Toy geekery...
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
good lord....
MattAlt (Admin)
I can't approve your independence from our federation, Roger. Sorry.

Click the link. You know you want to.
Ah hah hah hah...you guys got banned from macrossworld?! That wasn't even douchebaggery...much. Those fuckers sure are draconian over there.

Just you wait. I'm gonna make my own message board devoted to a single franchise and it's not gonna fail. Just like the allspark.

oh wait
Now hillsy, you've been warned about teasing Rog, and fiercerobot before(or not?). You can email Alen about the matter if you like... Hrrummph.
MW's >EXO< is pretty triggerhappy and easily offended for a moderator, IMHO.

...now I am sorely tempted to start a thread over there that Yamato's building "burned down" with some Photoshopped imagery of their building "in flames".

Drama begets more drama. At least over here, we have a little drama, don't take it seriously, and everyone goes back to what we were doing. "Self-moderated" seems to work pretty well here.

And I'll never tease farcerobot....he's my home skillet biscuit.

thomas Wrote:

> ...now I am sorely tempted to start a thread over
> there that Yamato's building "burned down" with
> some Photoshopped imagery of their building "in
> flames".

that's right, let your hate grow.

it gives you power
Wow a freaking ZARDOZ reference in that Macrossworld thread! I'm impressed!
I see those dudes in Frank's every so often, they like to form a "shopping posse" and go en masse, not buying anything and talking shit about everything else that's there. Probably since only they can feed off each other in some sick symbiotic way.
Robaato D Wrote:
> Wow a freaking ZARDOZ reference in that
> Macrossworld thread! I'm impressed!

I try.
Someone post a picture of Sean Connery.
OK, just so general banishment, nashing of teeth, moderation, fee payment, and classism, are kept to a minimum, please review this handy video guide.

Familiarize yourself with the moderators various strengths, so's you know who to run to for help when you sense a trap, or a wedgie.

El Kabong [www.youtube.com]

Bob Ross (thanks NekroDave!) [www.youtube.com]

cae [www.youtube.com]

Who did I forget?
chunkypuff31 Wrote:
> Someone post a picture of Sean Connery.

Post them all at MW.
I wonder how long it will take me to join you guys in your forced exile.

Because some people on MW are so incredibly dense (honestly, sometimes I'm surprised the place hasn't yet collapsed onto itself into a massive black hole...) that I keep getting snarkier and snarkier in my responses...already seem to have had two posts deleted by the Mods. :S

Sorry, this club is full.
So..does this story have another chapter yet? Happy ending? Sugar cookies?
Bacon? Sugar coated bacon?
I got Shawn to reverse the suspension and am back to baiting the moderator who did it. Banning in '09!
Looks like you really showed him...

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
I make 3D printed mecha action figures.
I think Shawn needs to take his website and go home.
I was surfing Macrossworld and noticed that the moderator who banned Roger ("Exo") has used his signature to respond to a comment Roger made here on the TBDX boards about being banned from Macrossworld.

Frankly I had no interest in the dispute or the parties involved. Seemed like a lot of pissing back and forth. But I would not have known much about it had I not run across that mod's posts on various threads that I was reading. Frankly, I've never seen this kind of blustery, tit-for-tat behavior from any moderator in any forum I've frequented. I've never seen a moderator taunt people he's about to ban or have banned. Man, that mod, what a winner.

On the other hand, we're definitely spoiled as far as what we're allowed to post here.
Typical 'My <insert body part, possibly a Yamato Valkyrie that hasn't fragmented into a little puddle of broken plastic parts> is bigga than yours'-talk.

Barely acceptable form a normal poster (however making said poster look like a total douchebag), but certainly not from a mod. Worth a complaint to the site administrator and removal of mod status if you ask me...but this is MW we're talking about.

A board whose population is referred to as 'mostly retarded' on Transformers forums of all possible places...

Let's be honest, a Transformers forum called Macrossworld stupid is the biggest case of the pot calling the kettle black. Nothing will erase Geeeeeeeeeeewuuuuuuun.
Haha! That is awesome! Gingaio, thanks for pointing that out, I never would have seen it because my profile on Macrossworld disables sigs. I'm browsing the site now from a machine where I never logged into MW.

I like the idea of using this BBS as my own personal voodoo doll that I can use to create reactions on other boards. Hey, EXO, use this as your next sig: "I am we Todd did. I'm sofa king we Todd did."
I'm on a Mac right now and don't know how to do this, but someone please screen cap that sig for me before he changes it to the new one I suggested. Thanks.
Golly. Such puerile silliness.
open | download - exopoop.gif (106.3 KB)
I have that effect on people.

And how can this be? Because I AM the Kwizatz Haderach!

Incidentally, I've decided that Aaron Douglas (Galen Tyrol on Battlestar Galactica) will play me in my biopic. He's only one day younger than me, he has a similar build, a better head of hair, and a natural cynical sensibility about him that would make him perfect for the role.

If he agrees to this, then I will gladly play him in his biopic.
And thanks for posting that, Runaphen.
Runaphen Wrote:
> Golly. Such puerile silliness.

Whoa...so, you mean other people can actually SEE us over here?? Darn, and here I thought we were like, the imaginary friends/shoemaker elves/airplane gremlins, and whatnot..
And it is the type of behavior that is being displayed by <EXO> that keeps me coming back here...I love the self moderation that goes on here...I do find it terribly interesting that <EXO> obviously reads this board but doesn't post...
Shitbags tend to do that.
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
That guy EXO seems like a real cock gobbler. You know he's a total tool. If you met up with him, that's to say he even leaves his house (hikkikomori), you could bet he's got the charm of Uncle Fester.. Pathetic. MW is a sorry ass piece of shit anyway..

Teh Rog, who will I play in your biopic? Grandma H?
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