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I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
Frankly, I am surprised no one has commented on this. Or is that because it simply defies commentary? Because I could totally see that. Totally.
what rolls down stairs
alone or in pairs
rolls over the neighbor's dog?

what's great for a snack
and fits on your back?
it's blog blog blog!

it's blog
it's blog
it's big, it's heavy, it's wood

it's blog
it's blog
it's better than bad it's good

everyone wants a blog
you're gonna love a blog
come on and get your blog
everyone needs a blog

Nice work, Vince.


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"Now that is some fucked up shit..."
I love "Slither". That movie had all kinds of awesomeness rolled up into it.
Thanks for the responses.

The blog is just a catch all between posting some of my art and uploads for rare anime.

Eventually I'd like to set up my own website just for the art.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
Yeah..not everyone liked Slither..but it had
1. little worm parasites
2. giant exploding people filled with said worm parasites
3. giant mucosal mass of people mixed up with worm parasites.

I could they NOT like it? Really.

I love silly monster movies. didja ever seen Anaconda?
Hey Gcrush!

speaking of parasitic's a cool youtube video of a parasitic nematode worm in someone's intestine as seen through a colonoscopy camera!


we live in a wonderful age.
Mmm, parasites.

A lot of people I know bitched about Slither being a total rip-off of Night of the Creeps, but I confess, I never saw Night of the Creeps.

Maybe. I do seem to remember that guy answering the phone and saying, "Thrill me."
Sanjeev (Admin) I gotta go check out Slither. I saw Night of the Creeps--about a zillion times--when I was younger. GREAT stuff. Then again, it coulda been horrible and I just don't remember! :P
ChrisM Wrote:
> quote the sheriff from "Slither"
> "Now that is some fucked up shit..."

The mecha are decent...

The girls are incredibly creepy...
(in a "pedophile" kind of way - not good)...


(anyone got some bleach? I need something to remove the images from my brain...)


If you're able to see them, tell me.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
"You've seen can't unsee it..."

thomas Wrote:
> ChrisM Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> > quote the sheriff from "Slither"
> >
> > "Now that is some fucked up shit..."
> The mecha are decent...
> The girls are incredibly creepy...
> (in a "pedophile" kind of way - not good)...
> *shudder*
> (anyone got some bleach? I need something to
> remove the images from my brain...)
I don't really see any of it as creepy. Do you guys ever look at Japanese artists sites? There's things there that far creepier I'd say.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
"I don't really see any of it as creepy."

that should be clue number 1

"There's things there that far creepier I'd say."

i wonder if a thief could use the example of a murderer as a way to be found not guilty

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Vince, some constructive criticism:

1) I think you need to refine your technique regarding facial expressions. For some reason there's some quality about the eyes that makes the girls look scared instead of happy.

2) I like Tara McPherson's work a lot. (This really has nothing to do with you.)

3) Watch more porn.

That is all.
Hi all. I'm just wondering if any one still takes a look at my blog. Do so if you haven't in awhile. Comment on a art piece or download a crazy rare OVA or two.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
There is no way in hell I am visiting your blog. No offense.
The massochist says "Beat me! Please beat me!"
The sadist says, "no!"

Seriously guys, don't indulge his vast need for punishment no matter how deep the vein of comedy gold lies within. It ain't helping him.
Cripes, I just realized the futility of posting this.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
> don't indulge his vast need for punishment

I don't think he seeks punishment but comments - probably constructive ones.

Some of his art is alright. Keep working at it, Vince - good show.

Okay. I bit. It wasn't as disturbing as I had feared. Perhaps there is a lesson for me in that.
While I won't post there, I will post here with the sole intent of providing constructive criticism.

My own work has been published, and I do some pretty decent stuff. I think I can offer some beneficial constructive criticism. While anyone can be a critic, it helps an artist if he or she gets the criticism they *need*. What you need is based on what you *want* to achieve with your art, since that is the closest quantifiable judgement one can give of art - does it do what the artist intended (and honestly, even this can be debated)?
I will consider this a prologue, if you will. What do you want, Vince?

If you are trying to replicate various manga or anime artists, you fall a little short of the mark in a number of areas, namely balance, anatommy and line style. If your goal is to reproduce the style of a particular anime or manga artist, copy their work religiously. The same picture, over and over again. Treat it like you would if you were building up muscle by repeated visits to the gym. Your brain can be trained to do it. Luckily it will be easier for you, as you already have innate artistic talent. Your use of colour is great and shading seems to come natural to you.
However, I think you have your own internal, unique voice that will not be satisfied with being just a human photocopier. That voice will best be heard when you develop your own style that expresses what you want to express. If you want to express a picture-perfect facsimile of anime art, good for you. Do it. There are many jobs available for talent like that. I know that kind of work killed any desire I had to pursue animation or storyboarding. My ego wasn't patient enough to jump through the hoops, and I do stuff that I want to do, and joyously earn my income elsewhere.
I guess, to boil it down - if you are going to develop your own style, do it with all your heart. If you are going to develop your talents as an inbetweener, than do that with all your heart. If this IS your style (and you can defend that most solidly), go right ahead and call me on it. I will tell you that while I don't like apects of it, that is only my opinion and there are many billions of others who might differ. So, Vince, What do you want?
Well, your point is valid.

Actually I just upload a new piece that's done in a more realistic style.

I mean generally, the style you see is my own interpretation of anime/manga style. Yes, I'm always trying to improve.

I have LOTS of anime books and pics so I use references but not to the point where I need to copy every nuance.

I guess what I want is my stuff to exist and be acknowledged.
Nice work. Great use of colour. Thanks for sharing. You have talent, there's no doubt about that. As for improvement, there is no such thing when it comes to *your* art. It stands on its own, no matter what. Improvement is based on goals you set yourself. There's cave paintings in Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave, in France, which show animals and people jumping around. They really could use improvement in terms of anatomy and proportion. But whatever the creator's reason for putting them there, they exist and are acknowledged. Some consider those works prime examples of human creativity. Some couldn't care less. What matters is what the observer as an individual gets from the work. And if you rewind to the time of the creator, what mattered to him or her was what they got from the work as they created it. You could draw a handprint on newspaper, call it art and be seen and be acknowledged.
Improvement only comes when you set yourself a minimum bar of excellence that you work toward, and then surpass.
And what is that, for you? To draw pictures just for the fun of it? Then you've succeeded. Your work is seen, critiqued and acknowledged in the vast nebulous and un-cave like brevity that is the internet. There's nothing wrong with that.
What do you want to do with your work? Do you want to make a comic, a manga, an anime? Do you want to do your own story or somebody elses (I seem to remember an Apocalypse Now gig offered a while back)?
There are so many different levels to creative endeavour, and you can pride yourself on being someone who has artistic talent. Harness it, or don't, you still are doing more than the average Joe. Think of an art gallery. The ratio of artists on display to viewers is a steep one. Most people watch others being creative.
Good for you for standing out. You now have a large peer group of artistically inclined otaku who will continue to exist, eating ramen, watching anime and drawing very nice amateur pictures of different characters. And again, there is nothing wrong with that - it's all based on what you want.
I see that what you are doing is what almost every other talented fan artsit is doing. It's onanistic (in more ways than one) and doesn't challenge you to improve, technically, as much as you could. Take a life drawing class. Draw old people, lost in memory at McDonalds. Get out of the bell jar and breathe fresh air.
And then take what you've learned and do something extraordinary with it. You've got the talent to do it.
But this is just my opinion. A chum of mine, who is far more adept than I, worked on Droids and Ewoks and Saw III (of all things) as a storyboard artist. He could draw the most amazing graphic novel if he chose to. But he hasn't. And it doesn't matter. He is happy. He gets paid quite well to draw stuff. His life is full of great things, and above all, he is satisfied where he is.
Are you happy? Are you satisfied where you are?
I challenge you to write out a five year plan detailing where you want to be and what you want to have accomplished. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as you know in your heart of hearts that you will be happy that you've obtained those goals.
Why am I doing this? Why bother?
I was touched by your last statement. Your work has a RIGHT to exist and to be acknowledged. But you could say that of a cat's paw print. The fact that your work stands out from some areas yet falls short of others indicates that there is SO much more you could be doing with it than to show it here for scraps of compliments or insults.
Unless, of course, this is exactly what you want.
There you go. I'll get off my little soapbox now.
Vince - I think you have skills... however, there's something really bothersome to me about the way you render people. (Content aside - I'm not going to address that). I don't agree with Roger that you should watch more porn -- just spend some more time studying human anatomy. I'm sure you've had some, but I would imagine that a life drawing class would help immensely. Or just spend some time observing people on your own.

The "bones" of your abilities are there... I just think things could be improved. I went ahead and took the liberty of editing one of your drawings to illustrate:

This girl to me looked really odd. She looks as if she has something in her mouth, her head is too squat and her hair is way too big.
Here's what I did in about 5 minutes:

- I went ahead and pulled the image in horizontally.
- Ditched those lines on her cheeks that make her look as if she has something in her mouth.
- Moved her mouth and nose down
- brought in her poofy hair
- tried to bring up her saggy boobs
- tried to re-shape her oddly pointed left breast
- pushed in her left cheek to reduce some of her manly chin
(side note - sweet sweet liquify tool!!)

Your shading is good, your colors are good -- It all just needs a bit of tweaking.
Robaato D Wrote:
> I don't agree with
> Roger that you should watch more porn -- just
> spend some more time studying human anatomy.

I thought that watching porn would help his studies of the anatomy of naked women. I'm not trained as an artist in any way, but I figure doing that would be more entertaining than reading Gray's Anatomy texts.
Well you guys should know that I did have life drawing classes when I was in college (School of Visual Arts). The thing I did want to explain was that my major was cartooning and IIRC, they were less concerned about anatomy more with storytelling. I saw people that were much better than me in drawing, I also saw people who drew no better than a 10 yr old.

Robatto D-That actually improves it quite a bit. Again, my stuff is always improving so what I show now might not look later on.

The thing is, I'm not 100% sure how to make it in the market. I have ideas, but can't really write. You hear about lots of anime mecha or character designers that are really good in their element but when try to direct, are absolutely terrible at it (like Ichiro Itano or Koichi Ohata for example).

I might have another chance to work with someone but it's too soon to say anything (and certainly not my own stuff).

I do welcome the criticism as long as it's constructive


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
Vincent Z. Wrote:
> The thing I did want to explain was
> that my major was cartooning and IIRC, they were
> less concerned about anatomy more with
> storytelling... I have ideas, but can't really write.

I can picture you thinking your instructors were completely missing the point when they told you to focus on storytelling. "The fools! Don't they know I want to draw?!" Vince, you just solved your own problem. For every minute you work on improving your drawing skills, you need to spend an hour studying narrative. If you're looking for a reasonable goal, that should be it. That way you won't turn into some nutsack scribbler who constantly bitches and moans when a writer does their job and actually tells them what to draw.

Roger Wrote:
> I thought that watching porn would help

NO - YOU watch teh pronz!
"drew no better than a 10 yr old."

Vince, I can't believe how much you missed the entire point of what I was trying to say. There is a student in the school I work at who is severely autistic. He will never be able to feed himself, let alone go to the washroom, and will never understand the importance of either.
He is the best photo realistic artist I know below the age of 35, and is the most successful artist I know of in the whole world - he draws exactly what he wants in the way he thinks he should draw it. He gets all the recognition he wants. He is a satisfied fellow, as long as he gets fed, and no one wears plaid in close proximity.
How many folks can say they are as satisfied?
Don't judge others based on your criteria. Judge yourself on your criteria.
You also didn't respond to anything I wrote, and, gosh darn it, I put some thought into it. You bastid.
>I thought that watching porn would help his studies of the anatomy of naked women. I'm not trained as an artist in any way, but I figure doing that would be more entertaining than reading Gray's Anatomy texts.

Oh I understood your reason - I just think girls in porn are generally pretty weird looking / atypical and that it would be better looking at people (naked or otherwise) doing something other than being plowed. ; )
To clarify further: if Vince's goal is to depict women that arouse sexual desire in the viewer, then I think porn would be a good source of study material.

Besides, not all porn stars have that "atypical" aspect to them. See Coop's Flickr for what I'm talking about.
>See Coop's Flickr for what I'm talking about.

I would, but Rubenesque girls don't do it for me. ; )
You obviously haven't looked, there's a lot of variety in the girls Coop has been shooting lately.

(Don't do it from work, though.)

I have looked at your work for some time on this site,and I did look at your work on your blog., and like Rainbot, I will give you my brief two cents, purely on your execution. Not from an anime perspective, but simply from a drawing one.

I have been drawing and painting for many years ,and during that time have found that even though my subject matter has remained consistant , my process has changed and evolved.

Like you I am interested in figurative subject matter. And as we all know the figure, especially the art of anatomy is hard to master. Mainly because any deviation from proper or recognizable details and proportions, becomes painfully obvious because it is so familiar to us. Drawing a hand, is harder than drawing a seascape or a tree, because our parameters are much narrower to interpretation. We know what a hand looks like, as we look and use them everyday. The same with faces ...they are the most familiar thing to us...face recognition is something we learn at the time of birth.

It was touched up in earlier posts, that perhaps your proportions sometimes are a bit on the distorted side. Distortion can be a good indicator what what the artist likes to focus on. I am not going to dissect your work, nor would I pretend to know you enough to do so. But I will say, that the things you do need to work on a little more are

Line weight:Your work tends to flatten out more, mainly in my opinion because the lack of varying line weights. Even anime cells and manga, utilize a variation to express weight, surface, form and motion. Your work tends to be static because of this.

Surfaces; All surfaces should reflect light despite the character being a cartoon, it will still better your work if the reflection off of skin is different than that of metal or fabric.

Composition: You tend to favor very central based compositions that seem more like posed portraits than say a snapshot of a moment in time, or if it is central and static, convey the movement with a carefully described facial expression of shift in weight in the body... Maybe a central shot view is something you personally like, or are trying to portray, but from a viewer's perspective it can get a bit stale looking. It is not enough to just show the person/character, but place them in a relationship with the is your responsability to engage and manipulate what your trying to convey.

Anatomy: I know you like the 80's style, but even many of those artists knew the rules before they broke them. I LOVE Haruhiko Mikimoto, but look at his sketches, they are dynamic and well proportioned, and display a knowledge of a body in space.

Hierarchy: The surounding composition and the subject should rarely compete,unless your using that tension for a reason..Successful composition depends just as much on what is not seen,as what is seen.Simply put, you can describe sapce with negative space..and describe a surface and how light falls by erasing lines and taking away..creating a sense of atmosphere. Find your focus and work that to the highest level, and then let the lesser important parts fall back in place.

Emotion: This is the hardest won ally, but one worth fighting to get down. no one is going to care about your work and how technical it gets..if you have nothing to say. You can get to be the most photo realistic artists in the world and still be working at a mall reproducing photographs of famous people or pets.
(no offense intended to those folks, but it seems like a depressing use of talent)
Find what it is that you admire in the other artists, steal it, and then master it...but then forget about it. How do you differenciate your work from theirs? Because a lot of talented and motivated people are out there. Art directors are looking for skill,but the market is SOOOOOOOO saturated, that you have to have a personal signature or style that separates you and makes them remember your work.

I know you have taken classes and have worked hard, but it is a never ending thing. Try to expand your influences and learn other ways of drawing and or illustrating . I saw a show of Picasso's years ago.I was never a huge fan really,as I had a vision of what he was in my mind,and his style was not my thing....but when I went to see his work, that showed the studies he did from age 10-25...I lost my shit. He was doing work in the style of various masters, and even contemporaries...and doing them almost better than they were. Combining the mastery and discipline of a technique and then breaking the rules with the freedom of expressing yourself, makes more some memorable work sometimes..

Anyway I will shut up . if any of thing not, cool. Good luck.

Some of my old work is attached.

everytime i sell a gaiking, a little part of me dies......

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Your points about my art are very well taken and your art is nice too.

I try to be influenced by both the 80's designs and the stuff now.

Actually more of my art can be found here (a few folders are members only though).



I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".

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"I try to be influenced by both the 80's designs and the stuff now."

I guess what I mean is..don't just look at anime or things that are only about what you are initially interested in. You style can be derived from the most unlikely or unrelated of places or artists. It lends a new perspective. MAtt is right about the industry as it stands....if you want to go beyond the niche market you have to think out of that niche.

Also you need to be drawing all the every waking moment. 27 is not old, but it is not young either in that industry.
Er, just wondering. How do I get more people to view my blog? I don't mean just here mind you.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
I saw one of those new mobile billboards advertising the new Blackberry the other day, maybe that's an option?
Tell your friends - if they see something they like, they'll tell their friends and so on.

Further: do you see blogs on blogger you like? Become a follower - this will stroke the egos of the folks who write those blogs, which may prompt them to come see your blog and spread the word.

Finally, you're on Blogger, which means Google and, ultimately, the internet: keywords, keywords, keywords.


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Have you thought of broadening your content focus....I mean you preaching to a pretty small congregation if you get my drift...
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