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I'm really enjoying this show, so much that I'm watching it on a regular basis, and I'm even (gasp) reading a blog:


The original mini-series is out on DVD, and on Tuesday at 7 PM the Sci-Fi channel is going to show all of the regular series episodes that have aired so far, so tape or Tivo if you want to play ketchup.
It's good but not my type of sci-fi. I miss Farscape.
I heard it's great but I just can't find time to watch anything except Trailer Park boys latetly.
Best Buy is selling the UK version of the Galactica season 1 box set, re-encoded so that it can run on a US DVD player. The episodes are slightly different, opening with the Universal logo and the British version of the opening (the one that's being used for season 2). Otherwise, the episodes are the same, and it's great to see them with digital clarity.

There is only one bonus feature, about 45 minutes of deleted scenes from all of the episodes. Quite a few of them have Boxey in them. I guess Moore and Eick were kind to us.

Another bonus is the inclusion of a 15-minute preview of Serenity, the upcoming Firefly movie. Looks good.
New Battlestar Galactica is absolutely awesome.

Starbuck as a GIRL? Characters totally messed up? Weird plot? Cylons that look like people? What the HELL? It has to SUCK!

That's what I thought. But then I caught myself watching a couple episodes. And oh my hell, it has to be one of the best science fiction shows of recent years. If not in many MANY years. The plot, characters, action, storytelling, everything is just so incredible. Im officially going to be keeping up on it. Its one fun assed show.

Pretty much.

The show displays sophistication that utterly blows away most other shows on television right now. I would compare it, actually, to Farscape in that it pretty much has everything: excellent/imaginative writing and high production value. Let's just hope it doesn't get shit-canned right before its last season!

I, too, have been having trouble keeping up with the show, however. Airing Friday nights isn't exactly helpful. It's so good, however, that I'm pretty much resolved to follow it as closely as I can. If the series ends well*, I'll be sure to pick it up on DVD.

* This is by no means guaranteed. Many sci-fi shows have ended pretty piss-poorly. Farscape being one.

BigJoe...not that jerk, Sanjeev
The thing I like about it the most is that it has the guts to treat science fiction as seriously as Bochco approached police drama with NYPD Blue. Documentary-style camerawork, shadows, people mumbling, little or no makeup on the characters, etc. I think they succeeded.
Agreed. Probably the only thing I'd change about it are the Centurions depicted in scenes on Caprica. The CG for them doesn't impress me (though it doesn't repulse me)....and let's face it. They're no chrome toasters. I MISS THE CHROME TOASTERS.

By the way, if you've seen the first season and have missed out on the latest episodes, they're playing all of the 2nd season episodes so far on Tuesday the 16th (at 7PM).

BigJoe...not that jerk, Sanjeev
New Galactica is one of the best things worth watching right now - I really dig the absolutely dead serious approach, and the new Starbuck is a pretty cool character. I miss the old centurion-styled Cylons (complete with skirt and sword!), but the CG has been improving a lot, and they actually looked pretty menacing in the last two episodes.
Been looking for this everywhere. A closeup of the painting hanging in Adama's quarters:

Cool! But why are they fighting hand to hand with swords and spears and such?
Maybe they're under a Forever War-style stasis field.
Wow. I never even noticed the painting before - that's really nice. The hand to hand fighting made me think Warhammer 40K, at first, though.

As far as the show, I really hope the payoff for when everyone gets back to Kobol is worth it...
Drywall Wrote:
...As far as the show, I really hope the payoff for
> when everyone gets back to Kobol is worth it...

Uh...Earth? Nevermind.

BigJoe...not that jerk, Sanjeev
I am totally fucking kicking myself for not going to Comic Con this year:

KenA or McFitch or Mr. Facets:

Please tell me that you picked one of them up when you were at the Con?!?
H-man Wrote:
> KenA or McFitch or Mr. Facets:
> Please tell me that you picked one of them up when
> you were at the Con?!?

Sorry, man. Never saw these, and I passed by the Sci-Fi booth several times. Only things offered to me were a Livestrong-type Galactica bracelet and a wind-up of Chode (?) from "Tripping the Rift." The usual crap, I thought. I had no idea until recently that Sci-Fi was holding out on us!

There are a few of the bracelets on eBay right now. Very odd. Do they prevent cancer if you wear them? (Provided that you're not the President, of course.)
BigJoe Wrote:
> Uh...Earth? Nevermind.

I was thinking more along the lines of dramatic payoff. As thick as they've been laying on the Colonial religeon, I'm just curious to see where they're going with it...

The first episode back on Kobol was pretty good, though. I hope what looked like is going to happen in the preview isn't what's actually going to happen.
We learned that the Cylons use "bouncing betties". That was neat.
Gotcha, Drywall--I thought your earlier post was referring to the "payoff" at the end of the series...which, I assume, will be Earth...of 1984, of course. (Especially, since they were already ON Kobol.) Anyway, the bouncing betties were quite cool...and yet, a whole lot less destructive than I would image bipedal robots to be able to construct. Where are my lasers?

BigJoe...not that jerk, Sanjeev
ARGH! There were THREE ships at San Diego!


Season 1 is over, and what a hell of a ride. Can't wait for the new ones in two weeks.

I'm sure when Richard Hatch signed up he had no idea he'd be doing a scene where he had to pee in the woods.
Oh, was Home pt.2 the last episode of season 1? I thought this was the first batch of season 2. Anyway, I'da plugged the second Boomer, too (the one from Caprica). C'mon! You're letting a freakin' Cylon run free on Kobol with the President and Adama right there!?

BigJoe...not that jerk, Sanjeev
And thank God that the Apollo/Zarek/Meier homosexual love triangle is finally over:


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Dude, you REALLY need to stop!

BigJoe...not that jerk, Sanjeev
No, YOU really need to stop.

I'm currently listening to the Season 1 soundtrack and it's pretty good. There are a few songs sung in Gaelic, Latin, and Italian, but the funniest one is "Battlestar Operatica" which plays during that weird dinner scene with Tigh's wife. The lyrics, in English:

Woe upon your Cylon heart
There's a toaster in your head
And it wears high heels

Number Six calls to you
The Cylon Detector beckons
Your girlfriend is a toaster

Woe upon your Cylon heart
Alas, disgrace! Alas, sadness and misery!

The toaster has a pretty dress
Red like its glowing spine
Number Six whispers
By your command
Season Finale next week! Pegasus!
I like how the previews fooled you into thinking it was just your average computer virus ep. but turned out to be so much more in the way of character development.

Also, more hot comm officer in gym pants please.

Kwesi K.
Roger Wrote:
> Season Finale next week! Pegasus!

Yeah, I saw that! Kewl! Plus they found a hot looking replacement for LLOYD BRIDGES!

Rog, where'd you find the soundtrack?
What's up w/ Season 2 being only 9 episodes? Feh.
You mean PAY for it?! Actually I assumed you just found them somewhere. I wouldn't have expected these to get a CD release.
leMel42 Wrote:
> What's up w/ Season 2 being only 9 episodes? Feh.


It's actually 20 episodes, but Sci-Fi is stingy. They're rationing us 10 this Fall (ending tomorrow), then 10 more starting in January.

just finished watching.... damn!!!! hell it's gonna be a looooong wait till the next season.....
I like that they gave the Pegasus a different look than the Galactica. It keeps the show from feeling cheap. Funny that the pegasus is supposed to the more modern ship, yet has the more industrial and clunky look, while Galactica is a much sleeker ship as a whole. Any bets on the fate of the Pegasus? I'm betting it'll do a Kamikaze collision run on the big ass cylon ship after taking tremendous wihtering fire, thus redeeming themselves for being rapist bastards all while saving the Galactica and human fleet. But then maybe that's too obivous. I just wish this show wasn't on Friday night. I must have missed 70"% of last seasons shows.

Last night I rewatched the last three episodes of season 2. Impressions:

Final Cut - I think every show has to have one of these documentary episodes sooner or later. During the scene where the CGI battle was cut in favor of watching the crew listen to radio chatter, I couldn't help but think that we were seeing the effects of Lucy Lawless' salary on the episode. Great twist at the end, though.

Flight of the Phoenix - I liked this episode a lot, except for the final scene where Boomer shoves the cable in her arm. That was so atypical for this show, and when you hear Moore stumbling over himself in the podcast in an attempt to explain it, you can tell he couldn't even sell himself on it. I was reminded of V: The Final Battle, where the Star Child shoots out some magical sparkles and prevents the mothership from self-destructing. Lame. This was slightly offset by that one scene of the raider getting split open and getting gore all over the camera.

Pegasus - Any gripes I had with the previous two episodes were wiped away when I saw this. The scene where Adama is notified about the court martial is one of his best character moments since Starbuck confessed to him about Zack. I have no idea how our heroes will get out of this one. The Pegasus can wipe the floor with the Galactica.

It's going to be a long wait until January 11...
Scrap my prediction. I had a phone call that screwed up the last 15 mins of my first viewing. I didn't catch that the two ships were about to blast the hell out of each other until I caught a rerun of it sometime during the week.
I have a prediction that the galactica will somehow manage to use the cylon computer virus from the series premire on the pegasus to shut it and it's vipers down...
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