[MOVIE TITLES] Possible movie series concepts.

Posted by Roger 
MattAlt (Admin)
1) Blade
2) Blade 2: Blade Runner
3) Blade 3: Sling Blade
4) Blade 4: The Gay Blade
MattAlt (Admin)
1) Logan's Run
2) Logan's Walk
3) Logan's Light Jog
4) Logan's Stroll To The Local 7-11
MattAlt (Admin)
1) C.H.U.D.
2) C.H.U.D. 2: C.H.i.P.S.
3) C.H.U.D. 3: C.H.O.A.D.S.
1) Guncrazy
2) Bombobsessed
3) Knifeinfatuated

1) Form Letter: This Time, It's Impersonal

1) Senior Quilting Club: The Revenge

1) Blade
2) Blade 2
3) Blade: Trinity (Not The Hot Chick From The Matrix, Or The Holy One For That Matter)

1) Dude, Where's My Car?
2) Dude, Where's Your Car?
3) Dude, The "And Then" Joke Wasn't Funny The First Time

1) A Clockwork Orange
2) A Clockwork Lemon
3) A Clockwork Lime
4) A Clockwork Grapefruit
5) Honey, I Ran Out Of Citrus Fruits

1) The Love Bug
2) The Hate Frog
MattAlt (Admin)
1) Apocalypse Now
2) Apocalypse Later
3) Apocalypse, Like, Whenever You Can Work Me In

1) Cube
2) Cube 2: Alien Cubed
3) Cube 3: Gleaming the Cube
4) Cube 4: Back to Square One
Um not really movies but

1)Gundam Seed
2)Gundam Seed: Destiny
4)Kunio is bored with his job
5)Save ya franchise Tomino

2)Evangelion 2
3)Christ Powered Robo


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
1) Part 1: The First Movie
2) Part 1 Part 2: The One That Followed The First
3) Part 1 Part 3: I Guess It's a Trilogy Now
4) Part 1 Part 4: Straight to Video From Here On In
5) Part 1 Part 5: The Revenge
6) Part 1 Part 6: Seed of Part 1 in a Kleenex
7) Part 1 Part 7: This is the One With Guest Appearances By Snoop & Ron Jeremy

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MattAlt (Admin)
1) Movie: The Movie
2) Movie: The TV Series
3) Movie: The Only Available On Pay Per View Porno Channels in Hotel Rooms
MattAlt (Admin)
1) Hang 'Em High
2) Hang 'Em Low
3) Hang 'Em A Little To The Left
1) Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS
2) Ilsa, She Wolf of the Book Group
3) Ilsa, She Wolf of the Salad Bar
1) Ms. 45
2) Ms. 33 1/3
3) Ms. 78
MattAlt (Admin)
1) King of New York
2) King of New Jersey
3) King of New Jack City
MattAlt (Admin)
1) Romancing the Stone
2) Wining and Dining the Stone
2) Skipping the Foreplay and Just Screwing the Stone
1) Waiting To Exhale
2) Blue In the Face
1) Hope Floats
2) So does a Duck
3) A WITCH!!
1) Q: The Winged Serpent
2) V: The Final Battle
3) Z: The Very Last Letter

1) Gleaming The Cube
2) Polishing The Rhomboid
3) Sprucing Up Geometry

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1) The Highlander
2) The Highlander 2: Why Do People Like This Stuff?
3) The Highlander 3: Nerds In Leather Trenchcoats Are Still Nerds
4) The Highlander 4: There Should've been Only One

1) Do The Right Thing
2) Be Nice
3) Whatever

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1) Rushmore
2) Rushless
3) Relax

1) American Beauty
2) American Beauty 2: Kinda Cute I guess
3) American Beauty 3: American Obesity

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1) The Abyss
2) The Wicked Big Pit
3) Timmy O'Toole is Digging A Hole To China

1) Transformers The Movie
2) Challenge Of The Gobots
3) Claritin Robo On The Big Screen

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MattAlt (Admin)
1) Space: 1999
2) Death Race 2000
3) 2001: A Space Odyssey
4) 2002: The Year You Realized None of This Cool Shit Was Happening Anytime Soon
4) American Beauty 4: I Wouldn't Fuck Her With Rob's Dick And If Matt Was Pushing
Titanic 2: The Drownening


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1) Big
2) Titanic
3) Fucking HUGE

1) Blow
2) Speed
3) Tar Heroin
1)Gundam:Char's Counter Attack
2)Gundam:Char and Amuro Lived.
3)Gundam:Char and Amuro are Friends Now.
4Gundam:Char and Arumo are Lovers.


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
1) Glory
2) Holes
3) George Michael Through The Portal of Time

1) My Big Fat Greek Landlord

1) X: The Man With the X-Ray Eyes
2) Y: The Guy Who Could Hear Stuff Real Far Away
3) Z: Vincent Z

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1) Interview with the Vampire
2) Meeting Phil From Human Resources with the Vampire
3) Going Out to Happy Hour at Hooters with the Vampire
5) American Beauty 5: It's Also A Brand of Pasta
1. King of the Hill
2. Over the Hill
3. Under the Hill

1. Home Alone
2. Home Alone 2: Home Aloner
3. Home Alone with a Vengeance

1. Saw
2. Seen It
3. Done Saw it Again

1. Full Metal Panic
2. Full Metal Seizure
3. Full Metal Heart Attack

1. Ichii the Killer
2. Ichii the Wounder
3. Ichii the Annoyer

1. Kill Bill
2. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
3. Kill Bill and Ted
1) White Nights
2) White Nights 2: Mikhail's Navy

1) Eve of Destruction
2) Red Dawn
3) A Dog Day Afternoon
4) Happy Hour
1. The City of Lost Children
2. The Town of Found Children
3. The Villa of Children Nobody Wants

1. The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover
2. The Maid, the Mechanic, her cousin, and his Wetnurse.
3. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Rog.

1. Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down
2. Push Me In, Pull Me Out
3. Jerk Me On, Jerk Me... (you know)

1. The Bastard
2. The Rebel
3. The Goober

1. Shogun
2. Taipan
3. Bedpan

1. Seven Samurai
2. Magnificent Seven
3. Battle Beyond the Stars
4. Battle Beyond the Stars and One Parsec
5. Battle Beyond the Stars and One Parsec to the Left.
6. The Waltons in Space

1. Spiderman
2. Spiderbabe
3. Spiderbaby Geniuses
4. Spiderbaby Geniuses 2: Super Spiderbabies
5. Jim Henson's Spider Babies

1. Dirty Harry
2. Filthy Sanchez
3. Covered Head to Toe in Human Excrement Roberto

1. Hard Day's Night
2. Hard 28 Days Later
3. Hard Days' Night of the Living Dead
1) Mega Force
2) Mega Force 2: Kenner
3) Mega Force 3: Massive Bombardment with Small Metal Lumps and Hard Plastic Ones
4) Mega Force 4: Beardy Guy and Plastic Girl
5) Mega Force 5: Oh Shit, This ain't Paracetamol but XTC!
6) Mega Force 6: Lousy Special Effects and Crappy Romance
7) Mega Force 7: Those Buggies are pretty cool
8) Mega Force 8: Richard Branson Look-a-Like vs. Triax and the V-Rocs
9) Mega Force 9: Micro Machines Suck!
10) Mega Force 10: More than enough: Non-Stop Action

11) Megaforce 11: A Trademark Renewed
12) Megaforce 12: Less Words, More Deeds, Especially The Ones Where We Blow Things Up
13) Megaforce 13: Ace Hunter, Pet Detective
1) Alone in the Dark
2) Alone in the Park
3) Really not so alone in the dark park: Jason is in love with you
4) Alone in the Dark: Revenge of the Phobia of the Smog Monster
5) Alone in the Dark: Shitty Loser Dickhead

1) Friday the 13th
2) Not Friday the 13th
3) Fry-Day the 13th: Barbecue Murders

1) Godzilla
2) American Godzilla
3) American Godzilla 2: Bush Splat
4) American Godzilla 3: Road Trip
5) American Godzilla 4: Put on the Rubbers, Ready for Hard Atomic Action

1) Godzilla
2) Godzilla: Roger Rampage
3) Godzilla vs. Christzilla: The Final Show-Off
4) Godzilla vs. Christzilla: Homozillas Mariage
5) George W. Bush vs. 'Godzilla x Christzilla': The Big Splatting

1)Gundam Seed
3)Apple Gundam


I asked if I have "Time For L-Gaim" but I got "No Reply From The Wind".
Diapers II: The Soiling
> 1)Gundam Seed
> 2)Gundam Seed: Destiny

3. Gundam Seed Double Destiny
4. Pink-chan's Counterattack
5. Gundam Seed F90,001
6. Victory Gundam Seed Double Destiny 0144: War of the Gargantundams

-Paul Segal

"Oh, the anger is never far, never far." -SteveH
1. John Carpenter's Vampires
2. John Carpenter's Werewolves
3. John Carpenter's Mummies
4. John Carpenter's Creatures From The Black Lagoon
5. John Carpenter's Amazing Colossal Men
6. Abbot and Costello Meet John Carpenter and Frankenstein

-Paul Segal

"Oh, the anger is never far, never far." -SteveH
1. Bloodrayne
2. Fleshsnow
3. Bonestorm
4. Bilehail
5. It's Rainin' Mucus

-Paul Segal

"Oh, the anger is never far, never far." -SteveH
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