[MOVIE TITLES] Possible movie series concepts.

Posted by Roger 
1) I Spit On Your Grave
2) I Clip Coupons Out Of Your Magazines Without Checking To See If You Read The Articles Behind Them First
3) I Leave The Seat Up

1) The People Under The Stairs
2) The People Behind The Fridge (With Those Nasty Dustbunnies)
3) The People In The Storage Closet Behind The Bread Maker You Got As A Wedding Gift And Never Used

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1) Trilogy Of Terror
2) Duology Of Diarrhea
3) Monology Of Monotony
1) Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster
2) Godzilla vs. The Smut Monster
3) Godzilla vs. The Unbearable Lightness Of Being
1) Saw
2) Belt Sander
3) Socket Wrench
1)The Grudge
2)The Ill Will
3)The Stinkeye

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1)The Ring
2)The C Ring
3)Ringo Starr the Movie

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1)The Exorcist
2)The Exerciser
3)Richard Simmons Demon From Hell

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1) The Cotton Candy Murders
2) The Cheetos Murders
3) The Murders With Firearms, Blunt Objects and Knives

1) Less Than Godzilla Vs. Monster Zero
2) Yog: Monster from Sweeden
3) Russ Meyer's War of the Gargantuas

1) I Go Into Your Bathroom and Hang the Toilet Paper the Other Way Around
2) I Drink from the Carton
3) I Spit on Your Haircut
1) The Grudge
2) The Mild Dislike
3) The Really Couldn't Give a Damn One Way or the Other

1) Shall We Dance
2) Shall You Dance Naked
3) Shall You Dance Naked for Money

1) Dawn of the Dead
2) 4PM of the Dead
3) 4:20 of the Deadhead
1) I Mentally Undress You
2) I Slash Your Tires
3) I Stiff You on the Tip

1) The Hills Have Eyes
2) The Hills Have Bifocals
3) The Hills Have Cataracts
1) Logan's Run
2) Ororo's Jog
3) Xavier's Slow Roll
Rog: Monster From Jersey
1) Breakin'
2) Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo
3) Breakin' 3: Fungal Infection
4) Breakin' 4: Sloppy Joes Again Tonight
5) Breakin' 5: Itchy Sweater
6) Breakin' 6: Kissin' Under the Mistletoe

1) Alexander
2) Steve
3) Poindexter
7) Breakin' 7: The Technicolor Dream-Parachute Pants
8) Breakin' 8: This Time It's Personal
9) Breakin' 9: The Final Insult
1) The Ten Commandments
2) The Nine Commandments
3) The Eight, No, Seven Commandments, Wait, Six!
10) Breakin' 10: Judgement Day
11) Breakin' 11: Breakin' For Columbine
12) Breakin' 12: Breakin' My Foot Up in Yo' Ass
1) Apocalypse Now
2) Apocalypse Now And Later
3) Apocalypse Jolly Rancher

4) Apocalypse Next Tuesday
1) Full Metal Cummerbund
2) Hot Dog With Relish Hill
3) Casualties of Going Swimming Too Soon After Having Eaten Your Lunch
1) Apocalypse Now Redux
2) Apocalypse Now Regeese
3) Apocalypse Now Rechickens
1) Gangs of New York
2) Dentists of New York
3) Phil from Human Resources of New York
1) Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
2) Star Wars: The Fandom Menace
3) Star Wars: The Phen Phen Menace

1) THX-1138
2) THX-1139
3) THX-1140

1) Halloween 3: Season Of The Witch
2) Halloween 3: Treason Of The Snitch
3) Halloween 3: Fleas On Some Old Bitch
1) Eight Legged Freaks
2) 8 1/2 weeks the Broadway Musical
3) Eight is Enough the Movie

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1) No Blade of Grass
2) No Dime-Bag of Grass
3) No Bowl of Grass

1) Soylent Green
2) Soylent Olive Drab
3) Soylent Plaid
1) Friday the 13th
2) Friday
3) Are We There Yet? [www.apple.com]

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1) Faster Pussycat! Wash! Wash!
2) Faster Pussycat! Dry! Dry!
3) Faster Pussycat! Fold! Fold!
1) Apocalypse Now Redux
2) Apocalypse Now Redux Redux: Snails Breakdancing On A Straight Razor
3) Apocalypse Now Redux Redux Redux: Mr. Machete, Meet Mr. Water Buffalo

1) Dressed To Kill
2) Dressed To Maim
3) Dressed For A Root Canal

1) Finding Nemo
2) Finding Elmo
3) Finding My Penis, Because I'm Too Goddamned Fat
1) My Dinner With Andre
2) Eat, Drink, Man Woman
3) The Jeffrey Dahlmer Story

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1) My Dinner With Andre
2) My Lunch With Jean-Luc
3) Andre's Brunch With Jean-Luc
1) Ghost in the Shell
2) Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence
3) Ghost in the Shell: I want more ass kicking, guns blazing, fuchikoma smashing please!

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1) Metalstorm 3-D: The Destruction Of Jared-Syn
2) Metalstorm 3-D: The Subsequent Clean-Up Of Jared-Syn
3) Metalstorm 3-D: Shit, I Can't Think Of A Third Title

1) The Deadly Spawn
2) The Spindly Fawn
3) My Friend Named Dawn

1) Yor: Hunter From The Future
2) Yor: No, I Don't Mean "You Are" The Hunter From The Future, Yor Is
3) Yor: Yes, Yor Really Is The Hunter From The Future, And You Are Not

1) Megaforce
2) Megahorse
3) Smelly Dorks

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1) Conan: The Barbarian
2) Conan 2: The Destroyer
3) Conan 3: The Former Barbarian/Destroyer Who Wanted To Take Some Time Off And Backpack Across Cimmeria For A Semester

1) I Spit On Your Grave
2) I Rip The Labels From Your Canned Goods
3) I Send Those Annoying Chain Emails To You
1) Piranha 1: The Swimming Killers
2) Terminator 1: Lawyer Day
3) Halloween 1: Season of a Guy Running Around with a Big Knife
4) Exorcist: Stuff that Happened After The Beginning
1) Blue Thunder
2) Blew Chunder
3) Goddamnit, I Don't Have A Third Title Again, I Promise This Is The Last Time I Do This
1) Ghost in the Shell
2) Ghost in the Half-Shell
3) Ghost Shooters

1) The Beastmaster
2) Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time
3) Beastmaster III: The Eye of Braxus [I wish I was making this up]
3) Beastmaster IV: Through the Hole in a Bathroom Stall
1) Blue Thunder
2) Baby-blue Thunder
3) Periwinkle Thunder
1) The Terminator: That Bald Shrink Misses The Action And Therefore Dismisses The Crazy Shit That Took Place
2) Terminator 2: That Bald Shrink Sees The T-1000 Pass Through The Bars And Thinks He's Seeing Crazy Shit
3) Terminator 3: That Bald Shrink Makes Another Appearance And Seems To Have Rationalized The Crazy Shit That He Saw, But Then Sees Arnold Do Some More Crazy Shit And Then Totally Loses His Shit

1) Clerks
2) Clerks 2: Hardly Clerkin'
3) Clerks 3: Kevin Smith Scrapes The Bottom Of The Barrel For More Star Wars Jokes

1) The Beastmaster
2) The Breastmaster
3) The Bassmaster
1) Airwolf
2) Firefox
2) Sea Lion
3) Burrowing Gorilla

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1) Terminator 3: This Time It's Freudian
2) Terminator 3: This Time It's Oedipal
3) Terminator 3: John Connor Goes Back in Time and Has Sex With His Mother -- What, Do I Have to Spell It Out For You?

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1) Swordfish
2) Knifeflounder
3) Needleguppy


1) Swordfish
2) Knifeshrimp
3) Needleplankton

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