Confirmation on black Reideen

Posted by cohiba 
I am referring to the original.
I have owned several (is succession, trading up in quality) in the past, and see them every now and then on YJ. Every time it is with a black variant box with the big sticker at the bottom.

Does anyone know of a situation where the black came in a regular box? Or with a small sticker (kind of like how the yu-sha variant of the God Reideen was distributed)?

I for one so far know of no exceptions, but I was curious as to whether anyone else has seen specimens with a different box (that was not a switched box situation).

Thank you.
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
I would imagine, due to the "switching box" scenario, that it would be nearly impossible to confirm a situation such as this. Outside of film or old photos, as the TVkuns rarely pictured the actual boxes with the exception of toy show displays, I would think it would be a needle in a hay stack kind of thing. Good LUCK!! I'll keep an eye out for ya!
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