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Suppose this thread could equally fall under the Market, but here goes:

I know that a couple factory cases of varied chogokin products have been reported to have been unearthed (some fictional, some legit) over the past decade. I just wonder under what circumstances, and conditions of actual possbility, that someone could still come up with a case of unopened Shogun products (for example) such as the collector's size, vehicles, or ST die-casts (regular or 2 in 1)?

I know there are speculators out there, such as those who purchased Star Wars figures back in the 70's by the case and filed them away (I had no idea that the notion of collector's toys was even considered valid back then), but wonder if given the "gold rush" mentality that has grown around Ebay, Antique Roadshow, Toy Hunter, etc., that anything of value has truly been mined from the storage lockers and warehouses where they may have been hiding?

In other words, is it likely that Deadstock is truly dead?
mcfitch (Admin)
About two years ago the comic shop I worked at bought a case of Shogun Sky Arrows from an old lady and plenty of other single chogos that she bought from Mr Big's Toyland (which was right down the street from our shop0 when it was going out of business. I imagine there are other people out there that did smilar things.

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Was at a large toy show yesterday, and one of the sellers (who had a large contingent of pristine Popy's and Godaikins) was openly mocking one of his recent customers who gave him the "if I had a time machine" dealy about going back and grabbing this and that toy, instead of, say, preventing varied human tragedies and other purer, signifcant pursuits.

It got me to thinking that the guy who probably has the most legit "time machine" redo would be Arthur Sandburg, and it wouldn't revolve around BUYING toys! Given the relevant history, if I were him I'd wake up banging my head against the wall every morning.
I bought a full case of Sky Arrows last year for just over $100. I thought it was pretty neat but Sanjeev suggested that "everyone has a case of Sky Arrows". What a kill joy. Funnily enough, at the time, I owned only 1 diecast toy but I owned 8 of them and 2 shipping containers.

I also have a shipping container for the XX-4 jumbo arm attachment but I only have 1 of the actual toy. I'd love to fill the box someday but it seems so wasteful to spend money on a toy I already own.

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I'm afraid the only deadstock cases to be found in the future will all be Shogun Sky Arrows...

Which reminds me... JoshB still needs to do a CDX review of the thing! Where is my Sky Arrow review?!?
Sanjeev (Admin)
Heh...poor Sky Arrow...!

Anyway, I can't for the life of me find where I posted it before, but the only case/shipping container I ever happened upon was that one a Godaikin Voltes was actually shipped to me in!!

My brain *still* gets woozy thinking about that experience! Holy hell.
Hey, back to my earlier post, did anyone out East meet Mr. Sandburg before or after Mr. Big closed? Would have made for a great interview. I just wonder if he had held onto his remaining stock at the end, how much that pile of loot would have been worth?

I would imagine if he released a few at a time on Ebay, he could have made a mint at current prices. It looked like he carried items from the Godaikin and Popy DX lines, as well as the Popy diecast Yamato, Harlock ships, etc. It's crazy scary how much that would all be worth now.
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Horse hockey. Almost every 30-something woman I've gotten to know has fond memories of Jem. Barbie...not so much. :P
It surprised me watching some of these recently on Netflix. Almost every episode ends up with one of the bad girl band mates either burning down the orphanage, cutting the brake lines on the tour bus for Jem and her pals, or setting a bomb to go off during a concert. Are you flipping kidding me? Surprised Rio didn't round up some of his back-then homies and (fill in the blank), thus ending the threat of the Misfits.

Talk about things you can't do on television anymore...
I blame my attraction to The Misfits for all my dating mistakes.

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A (crazy) ex of mine always identified with Stormer, the most benign of the Misfits. Sure...maybe on a good day. Yikes...
Yeah, that reminds me, there was this one episode where Stormer left the Misfits due to underappreciation, then she and Kimber, who had left the Holograms for the same reason, started a band together and rocked it out of the park. I looked for the songs online later on, but couldn't find them. Does anyone out there have Jem MP3's to share with...er...uh...

I did see that somebody did snag a carton from Assortment 2730, which I believe were the Shogun 2 in 1's. Now you just need twelve boxed, mint toys and we have our "dream case"!


Also saw these order forms from Forbidden Planet...can you at least MAIL things into the PAST?


Fun Stuff!
I did see that somebody did snag a carton from Assortment 2730, which I believe were the Shogun 2 in 1's. Now you just need twelve boxed, mint toys and we have our "dream case"!


Fun Stuff!

Right, this is the container of (revised) 2 in one series.... I also have a sealed container of last boxed versions Collectors Shogun Warriors mini figures, and one (with just one set of carded figures) from same line in Godaikin funky carded versions....Plus that gorgeous Shogun display with full assortment of 12 mib "basic" figures ( Great Mazinga + 3 Getter ).
I love this stuff, you know ;-)
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