The ST Appreciation Thread - It was POPY that invented the Swivel Arm Battle Grip!

Posted by H-man 
GI -Joe be damned.... I'm pretty darn sure now that it was Popy (with their Go-Ranger ST chogokins) that first featured the 360 degree articulation joint on the biceps and the ST Daimos (Shogun Warriors version) that was the first US released action figure that sported that articulation - about 4 years prior to the 2nd Series GI Joe figures that boasted the "swivel arm battlegrip" and have since gotten all the credit for it...

If there were any other line of action figures that had this articulation before hand, please enlighten me....

Oh... and feel free to express your opinions/comments/questions on all things ST (standard sized Gokins) in this thread...
In a weird sort of way the ST's make me happier than do the DX's...yeah they aren't as complex but the are a great size to collect...they fit in with all other types of robots...and dang they are classy....
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Hey, GI Joe *did* invent "Kung Fu Grip", right??? ;)

I know the point of this thread isn't to compare/contrast GI Joe's with Japanese robot toys, but it DOES fascinate me to no end how the original 12" Joe's evolved into Henshin Cyborg...which in turn, evolved into Microman...which inspired the 3-3/4" Joe's stateside!

Anyway, I totally agree: the ST's are just plain slick. Compact, vibrant...full of soul. Smaller size and fewer gimmicks actually allowed for a higher proportional diecast content in most cases. Obviously, that makes the toy feel better in hand, but it also allows for more super-glossy powder coating...and that just looks so much nicer on a shelf than a matte plastic finish.
Daimos ST kicks DX's butt lookswise (giant head and all on the DX).

Although Combattler, Danguard, Voltes, Daltanias, Golion, God Mars, and plenty of others play second fiddle to their superior DX counterparts.

Sorry, was starting to drift into the DX appreciate thread...oopsies!
Sanjeev (Admin)
Heh...well, I definitely prefer plenty of DX's over their ST counterparts. Dairugger, for example. My problem with the DX's is that, unlike the ST's, they're all over the place in terms of size. If they were a bit more uniform like the ST's, I think collectors today would be even crazier about them!
I think the Sun Vulcan ST is one that is arguably superior to the blocky DX and it's one of my favorites - nice glossy blue paint - beautiful! Google V looks like ASS no matter ST or DX....though I would love to get my hands on the ST variant that has the spring loaded feet...

For me, the classic Getta Dragun is still the quintessential ST - moreso than the GA-01 or the Great Mazinger Shogun version. I mean... you have a spring loaded launching ax WITHIN a spring loaded launching FIST! How awesome is that - and it was never duplicated for any other chogokin since.

I'm also curious about the Popy release of the "Shogunized" Dragun that's without many of its gimmicks. Something tells me that may be rarer than the Popy original?
My favorite feature of the Popy Dragun was the spikes on the axes, you can tell they don't trust us Americans not to poke our eyes out with anything nearly that dangerous. I wasn't aware that Popy had released a neutered version of Dragun...begs the question why they would embarass themselves in that manner? It's probably as rare as the Star-Zinger Grendizer ST, and goes for the BIG BUCKS despite its inherent inferiorism.

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The first version Shogub Dragun was the same as the original popy one.

The second version is the HK made popy that doesn't fire his arms. In Japan the neutered versions were avaiable in different boxes than the first version releases. There was a Ryger and Dragun in the series, the Ryger not having as many arm parts as well. The second version Dragun and Ryger do not command any sort of premuim above the original relases.

I tihnk the latter version Poseidon did not have the caterpillar legs that folded up and down. They were fixed int eh up position, it came around the same time the missile shapes changed from the original style to those star shaped atrocities.
If it wouldn't be counter-productive to discussing the actual history of the toys, if it were a choice between allowing MOE rantings or acknowledging, let along discussing, the "star-shaped shooters", on this site, I'd take the safety missile ban any day. Phooey!
Sanjeev (Admin)
Well, when ya put it that way...

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