Takatoku Outsourced Valk Production to Taiwan

Posted by glane21 
Here's something I was never aware of , never saw discussed - and I've been collecting this stuff since the 80s. Takatoku appears to have outsourced some 1/55 Valkyrie production to Taiwan. I got this one in recently. It's identical in design to the Japanese box, but does include an Obi and clearly says Made in Taiwan below the Takatoku logo on the front. The toy has the TT markings and build quality though the red paint shade is slightly brighter. The sticker sheet is a non-folded version on different stock. Instruction sheet is the same. It does not have a Big West sticker on it. I wonder if this was some last effort to cut costs and keep the company alive?

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That's pretty interesting.
I'm no TT scholar, but have the some of the usual boxed Valks, and enjoy variant history.
I've never had a Joons bootreg in hand, but they usually state on the box, so it's obvious don't they?
Never noticed a TT labeled "Taiwan" before, but it could be easy to miss if you're not looking hard at listing pics, so likely a few have spun thru eBay .
That brighter rainbow across the center, on the other hand...

Based on what you say about the toys markings, the production theory sounds reasonable.

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That's a really cool find! Taiwan, the last refuge of fading Japanese toymakers in the 80s?
I wonder about this, as it is labelled a chogokin-- which was really a trademarked product line name for Popy/Bandai. I would not think that Takatoku would release something that would be a trademark infringement, even in a different country. THe font for chogokin also looks similar to Popy's even though the colors are different.
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