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Sanjeev (Admin)
I've always had a healthy respect for the real old-timey tin stuff. I know Joshy's the master of more modern character tins, and for those of us who don't collect, we at least get a nice glimpse into that world through Josh's acquisitions. But I've always wondered if there was any love here for the earlier generation of batt-op/zenmai stuff.

I don't collect, but in a perfect world (where I had infinite time, money, and space to display this stuff!), I'd love to pick up at least some repro's. Like, for example, Robot Island is a site I'll visit from time to time just to soak in the aesthetic and maybe catch something I hadn't seen before.

Anyway, I just saw that a company called Trane is doing some pretty dope batt-op repro's called "Star Striders":

There are more of these pictured at BBTS, but you'll get much better prices at HLJ or other spots in Japan.

Anyone else into these types of toys--repro's or otherwise?
I like this type of stuff as well. Don't know if I'd ever buy it, but a lot of the pieces have charm for early robot stuff. I tend to always follow the auctions for these when they come up literally just to see the different types of robots that come up. Some of the colors cragstan and other makers manufactured both bots and humanoids in are just amazing, the vibrant greens and reds come to mind.

I did purchase the reproduction robot space troopers that were 7" Robby the robot based with the clear plastic dome. In this size they came in red, metallic blue, silver, and black. I want to say I bought three out of the four because one of the dealers I bought from regularly was selling his set and had three left at the time. I know I got the red and blue, and I think the third was the silver. Haven't taken them out in a bit. They are definitely cheaper and less intricate than what Sanjeev posted but they have a cool crank feature and look nice - so if you are looking for a "fun" base to start with try these!


Sorry for the poor link, but I couldn't find a site that showed all four colors on one page. They come in the red top boxes with "robot space trooper" and artwork on the front.

- Mike

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Oh, heck yes! I always like random non-character tins, robot, and other wise, and have picked up several things over the years as I came across.
Some of the small waves of repos are getting their own increase in value, especially some that have reused the same old Japanese tooling, or factories.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Some of the small waves of repos are getting their own increase in value...

Tell me about it! It's kind of an amazing thing when the *repro's* are pulling in so much that you need to invest real time and money to track them down...
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