Posted by Erik Sjoen 
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
OK. SORRY.. I've fucked approximately 3 tigers in my fuck off club. But it is just not cool to have that image be the entry page for TBDX.
Sanjeev (Admin)
I think it's fucking perfect! Haha!
That's all Josh. He loves that pic.

"There's no Bigfoot in The Awakening." -James Bickert
I've always found it a *little* odd since it was put up...I think it's the tiger that is killing it for me, maybe if it was orange? Maybe if we just had robots? LoL

Anyone want to tell the story of the picture?

- Mike

Deep in the Hasbro Jungle
Sanjeev (Admin)'s Joshf having some fun at Dave's! He took that pic of Dave's "Jumbo room" and just photoshopped in a white tiger and disco ball.

Opulence. He have it.

Ha! I NEVER liked that pic! Somebody finally said something! Nice work, tho. But on the cover? We need to admit: tigers didn't happen, and just move on!
josh fraser (Moderator)
Actually Alen posted it. Just having fun. Not much to say, it is a white tiger and a disco ball.

Someone change it if they don't like it .
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