"Which one of these kids is doin' his own thing?"

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Posted this on FB Hero Toys page also:

Anyone remember the Sesame Street jingle game, to pick out the different thing/kid out of 4? [www.youtube.com]
I did some goofy pics with 3 different DaikuMaryu's , and one other. Can you spot the different one, doin' it's own thing?
A no-prize of course, to all the whiners,...I mean, winners! ;0)

"Three of these kids are doing the same thing. Three of these kids are kinda the same."
"One of these kids is doing his own thing. One of these kids is not the same. "

"Which one of these kids is not like the others? Now it's time to play our game!"

"Hey kids, can you spot which one is different, before the end of the song? Huh? Can ya?"

"If you guessed the one on the bottom right, YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!"

No, I didn't have too much eggnog..*hic!*

There's got to be more of these I can come up with using other characters. haha.

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Oh man, that's great! I never thought of doing (or thought I could) create a DM out of the Gomora. AWESOME!!!

(But then again, I really need to play with my toys more instead of just using them to collect dust and take up space.)
fuggin' hilarious!

Sanjeev (Admin)
That's one of his feet sticking out the end of his tail, huh? LOL
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