[Toy ID] Anybody has a clue?

Posted by chogoman 
Hi guys,
I hope somebody could help me.

Anybody knows who this little guy could be?

I think this could be a little Zubat figure that
fits into the Takatoku Zuba car.
But I'm not 100% sure.

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Just found this site.


Seems the figure is no Zubat.
Your mystery figure appears to be Zubat from the Takatoku Mini Zubacar.
Thanks very much DarkXerox!
Seems the mystery is solved.

But isn't the car on the site the "Zuba-Car"?
Because the "mini "version looks a bit different. Box, Toy, styrofoam

Yeah, you are right. I just searched for the mini and the page above is what I came up with. I guess either the crest on the little Zubat gets lost or there is a variant without the crest.
Thanks for your help Xerox!

i try to win this little sucker (he's part of a toy lot) and
hopefully could repair his leg. Tried to find this little Zubat
for a long time, but it was nearly impossible. Till now ;-)
I looked for beat-up Zuba cars, but always the figure
is missing.

Need him to complete my MIB -figure Zuba car.
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