Chogokin argument with Sanjeev.....

Posted by Jerilock 
Ok, got into a bit of a back and fourth with sanjeev the other day over this and need some input. Can you guys tell me which, if any popy st chogokins had metal heads?
MattAlt (Admin)
Did ANY of them? Not that I remember...
MattAlt (Admin)
Sanjeev (Admin)
Jason mentioned the Meisaku T-28. Possibly Mechagodzilla.
Doraemon? (not sure if it belongs to the ST series)
MattAlt (Admin)
Ah, Doraemon, another good one. Also another one with a "non-traditional" head!

If you're counting the Robocons, a whole bunch of them have metal "heads" (in the sense that they don't have differentiated heads) like Roboton or Robodoro or Robowaru. 8-Chan too, for that matter.

But of the "traditional" super robots, maybe the Meisaku T-28 is the only one?
Perhaps any of the Metal Lightan series?
I just checked all the Lightans...all have plastic heads & faces.
Does Metal Robo 55 Dynarobo count?

I think some of the God Amrz baddies had metal heads.

Maybe Conchuter?

I think the meisaku T-28 did not have a metal head.

ObaQ has a metal head.....
MattAlt (Admin)
MEKA PANDA has a metal head!


josh fraser (Moderator)
Jason, you have the GA63... the head is plastic. ??
Robo Kui

tell me if i'm wrong

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ObaQ IS a metal head.
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