STORAGE WARS: Protect your Jumbos!!!

Posted by Supersentai 
Attended a large toy show recently, and this is becoming a sad trend with vintage boxed jumbos. Great box, pristine robot, SMOOSHED HEAD!!! (sorry, not "Smooched!") It was a nearly pristine Daimos this time, must have been stored with the weight of the robot coming down on his head, not much you can do to fix this either.

I had a problem with a Gaiking and Dragun I had stored years ago, not sure if it was heat or the fact that they leaned against the box, but both had crumpled horns (most surpringly the Gaiking horns as they are quite substantial, although I stored mine with the horns in pigtail-robo mode).

I remember not too long ago seeing a Voltes Jumbo that was in good condition, except for the head being smooshified. Not sure a blow drier can turn that around.

Can't imagine I'm the only one who has run into this...but given the uptick in the prices for these guys, am surprised this is still so prevalent.

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I had a badly messed up Daikengo I got when I was working down in FL one summer. drove back to NY with it in the back seat and after returning to NY it had "magically" gone back to it's proper shape, so i think if you were to leave a jumbp on the car on a warm spring/summer day for a while the constant even heat would make it return to it's original shape
Sanjeev (Admin)
Yeah, I'm with Jason on this: don't underestimate the power of shape memory! I've seen some battered vinyl kaiju seemingly miraculously warping back to normal on hot days. It just takes time and temperature...but I'm sure you could help it along with a mechanical little prodding...
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