Technopolice 21C and TOMY?

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I'm currently building a few Technopolice 21C kits by Aoshima, and found it intriguing that every kit has "planned by TOMY copyright TOHO" printed on the paperwork and box. Is this the same TOMY as the toy company, and if so, did they plan to have toys for Technopolice 21C?

I know the Technopolice movie was apparently meant to be a longer anime...
Dunno, but the actual mecha design was done by Studio Artmic and there's a bunch of stuff about it in the Artmic Design Works book. If you can find someone to read Japanese, that might have your answers.

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How many pages are there on Technopolice in the Artmic book? The kits also include some artwork; I've got a slightly-smaller-than-A4 page showing the two tanks on both sides.
I just counted it. It's either 8 or 9 pages. There's one all text page in Japanese so I can't tell if it's just an intro to the book in general or if it's talking about Techno Police in particular. Seems like it might be a general intro thing, though.

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MattAlt (Admin)
The Japanese wikipedia entry on the topic speculates (much as you did) that the Tomy connection means they were planning to produce non-model products, but speculation is as far as it goes.

The Artmic book says that they they pitched the idea to Tomy in 1978, initially intending it to be a composite anime-live action hybrid show, and in a series of all-nighters Miyatake cranked out designs, with a still-in-college Kawamori pinch hitting. (There's apparently a write-up on the experience in an old book called "The World of SF Illustration: All About Studio Nue," which I'd love to get my hands on.)

It doesn't go into much detail, but hints that there was a lot of trouble behind the scenes (see the English Wiki entry on the topic), so I'd guess Tomy bailed when Artmic wasn't able to deliver the series quickly enough and Artmic had to quickly edit what they had into a standalone film (which didn't actually come out until 1982!) Thus no toys, even at prototype level.

It's interesting to think at how differently things might have happened if it had gone as planned -- probably would have been more along the lines of a sentai show or "Cyber Cop" than an anime.
Thank you. The movie has some rather obvious cliffhanger moments that could have served as episode ends. It is surprisingly watchable despite the dated animation (it can be found on Youtube).
Wonder if the problem Tomy had was so-so sales of the Ideon toys? Tomy wasn't known for anime toys unlike the Majors and Minors of the time and I don't think Ideon was capturing the kid eyeballs like some of the other shows from that time... not to mention competing for shelf space with the flood of product from Bandai and Takara and Takatoku and Clover.

Things were pretty cutthroat and fast-and-furious during those times. :)
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