Even MORE Speeda, Please

Posted by MattAlt 
MattAlt (Admin)
Moments after shooting this, I realized the "Rey type" had a repaired arm... Oh the armored humanity.

If only Gakken had made some half-translucent ones, my life would be complete.

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Do these Microman-homage WonderFest exclusive CMs ones count? Their arms and thighs are clear at least, and there's lots of chrome. :D

yellow_openhelmet by MicroBry, on Flickr
MattAlt (Admin)
Never saw these! Love the bright toy-like colors (though ironically, the original '80s toys were among the more subdued out there.)

Modern Mospeda-wise, I far prefer the Megahouse versions, though.
MattAlt (Admin)
Seriously, I am like a total "Blowny" when it comes to that thing:

It's a bit ironic as most western Mospeada fans won't get the Microman reference with these and it left a lot of heads being scratched. But they're perfectly in scale, and I felt a nice nod to their heritage with Aramaki's earlier Microman designs. :D

A bit too small for their own good though. If I wasn't a 1:18 scale nut, I'd have gone for that Megahouse goodness.
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