[NON-TAKATOKU MARRIAGE SET] Congrats to Alen and Cheryl!

Posted by MattAlt 
MattAlt (Admin)
Congratulations to Alen & Cheryl! What a way to roll with it, and enjoy a most special day.

I hope they got some of you guys to do some stages of the race, haha!
Well, thats a slightly different take on "The groom did a runner on the day!"...!

This calls for the greatest love song ever created by toy instruments.

That is fleepin' hysterical!!! Did you carry her over the finish line at least?
Wow, that looks like a fun way to tie the knot. Congrats!

Also: Don't scroll down and read the bigoted comments. Sigh.

Golden Gate Riot on dead trees at: [www.destroyallcomics.com]
I personally make it a practice not to scroll past stories in on-line publications for that very reason, lots of people with lots of time on their hands likely for VERY GOOD REASONS! If you follow me on that.

Great news. Congratulations!

Best, Ken-A
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