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Posted by josh fraser 
josh fraser (Moderator)
Sanjeev (Admin)
End of an era, indeed.

It was always striking to me how *perfect* the litho designs are on so many of the Popy zenmai. Not just the design, but the color selection. Mind-blowing. I mean, it really feels like they sat down and carefully thought everything out. Truly transcendent.

Anyway, congrats, dude!
"Nice" is a word...niceeeee.

How often was he showing up in that condition on YJ?
josh fraser (Moderator)
I can count the times on one hand in the past 10 years.
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
Excellent write up. Next to Dangaurd this is my favorite.
josh fraser (Moderator)
"Next to Dangaurd this is my favorite".

Well I can't account for taste. ;-)
Sanjeev (Admin)
Hey now! I was actually gonna post a while ago that Danguard's my fave! :P

josh fraser (Moderator)
Oh man Hillsy, I should tell you a funny story. Apparently, 50% of the stuff I bought from the dealer, are refinished and new parts put on them...In the midst of an ebay fiasco trying o get my money back on chairs.

This guy is the Yu tak Ming of Eames it seems.
Ouch. That story isn't funny, at all.


> the Yu tak Ming of Eames

Ha! There's one for every realm, isn't there? Me, I'm lookin for the YTM of Neutra. Is it possible to YTM a whole building?

That Daidenjin is a beautiful specimen. Museum. Congrats.
Also some of the best box ever. I'd hang that on my wall, no problem.

Are the two red vases next to the Daidenjin of Austrain origin? They are cool. Mind sharing some information? Thank you very much.
Hey there now, if we start talking about vases here, I'm going to start that Olivia Newton John vs Sheena Easton thread I've been threatening for years now. Dignity would suggest a PM. Dig-NIT-eeee!
josh fraser (Moderator)
Hi Jessy,

Good eye. Actually I probably should get better info on the company.I am away from home on business, but will look at them when I get back. They are German from what the seller told me at the time, mid 60s. We collect a lot of Icelandic lava pottery and Mid century modern, so it all goes well together visually imho ;-)

It is in the photo, so I would not stress too much about asking about it ;-)
Popy Daidenjin tin

I managed to track down a Popy Daidenjin tin.I now need to find a box. If you have one or see one for sale please let me know.Thanks.
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