Nandemo Kanteidan

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MattAlt (Admin) the name of Japan's version of "Antiques Roadshow." Tonight was an all-toy special. I wish I'd known earlier, but I stumbled across it totally by accident and managed to spot a few gems:

This beautiful T-28 statue is made out of antimony and wood. It's one of the earliest Tetsujin products and was appraised at 350,000 yen (would have been 700,000 if not for the scratch!) The wooden jets on the back are almost always missing.

Far more common but no less cool: the Bullmark Jiras. The interesting thing here was that it's a green variant, which is apparently less common than the usual brownish-colored ones.

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Amazing T-28. Any idea how old it is and who made it???

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MattAlt (Admin)
More on the T-28:


The actual maker isn't known; everyone calls it the "Antimony Tetsujin 28." It was produced in 1959 as a premium for Shonen magazine. It's considered the first Tetsujin 28 product. There are apparently two versions, since the first was recalled due to defects.

A variety of replicas came out in soft vinyl and antimony in the 1990s.

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Nandemo Kanteidan is one of my favorite shows here... But I missed it.

The April 24th episode listed on their HP is not all toys. Matt, if you have the link please post it.. I will keep an eye on the re-run.

Thank you.
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