Abstract Art 101

Posted by Supersentai 
I'm sure this has been done to death before, but take a pic of some vintage Gokin goodness and see who can ID it...

This should be an easy one for a few of you freaks out there.
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Sanjeev (Admin)
PA-84 Bazoler?

That was an easy one, someone else toss a softball out for the crowd...Jeevsie?

EDIT: I just added the "answer key" picture...Yes...it was a funky Bazoler eye.

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Sanjeev (Admin)
Done and done:

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Bismarck DX GC-22
Sanjeev (Admin)
Ha! Got it!

Okay, now it's your turn, Jason.
ok... let's see what y'all make of this one ;-)
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Did you head over to Gold for Ca$h today?
no.... I'll make it easier on y'all and say that the lighting was kinda bad in that shot, that's supposed to be silver
Dude...is that your class ring?

Almost looks like a "crappy" (in the nicest sense) Victoria die cast...do those even count as Chogokin?
Looks kinda like part of the "crystal" skinned dairugger or Godmarz?
The Dairugger came to mind for me too, just can't figure out the color scheme.
you're getting closer... it IS something that you'd tend to find in the possesion of Mr. Alt
Anonymous User
Sometimes my phone likes to make abstract art when uploading pictures.

Jerilock Wrote:
> you're getting closer...it IS something that you'd tend to find in the possesion of Mr. Alt

Deluxe die-cast Sailor Moon transforming cosplay sceptre?
josh fraser (Moderator)
Jason probably took a picture of his car.

Ok while we try to figure that one out, here is one that may prove to be a little harder.Or maybe not.

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Is that an ACE up your sleeve?
ok, it's that plastic gavan figure with the clear chest peice and the 3 different colored insert peices.
josh fraser (Moderator)
Supersentai Wrote:
> Is that an ACE up your sleeve?

Yes, yes it is.
Thank you for the validation on the Popy removeable mask tin Ultraman Ace guess...I thrive on validation, not unlike Joss Whedon who will be living high off the validation from his Avengers movie for the forseeable future. Saw that monster today...

wow...(yes, I realize I am thread jumping here).
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