Why no Danguard/Combattler JUMBO ? (Marvel Comics)???

Posted by Supersentai 
Attached is the latest restoration of my Combattler. Need to update the page a litle [www.teambac.com]

I decided to make a set of "red" arms to be of the Marvel comic flavor. I do have the original right arm, and clampy left arm.

I still need to get a set of stickers from a friend and make some custom ankle yo-yos and a custom back side treads to represent earth mover 3. I may make a new chest piece at some point, but not in the really near future.

Wes aka "bourno"
open | download - red_arms_on2.JPG (140.2 KB)
MattAlt (Admin)
I like the way the red fists look! Very distinctive. Looking forward to seeing it when it is finished.
Wow, that's going to be a different looking toy altogether.


Is there anything you won't be changing to match the Marvel version?
I like the look as I never saw the anime series, so it just looks better to me from my comic series only point of view.

I would like to do something at the knee area as well. I don't care for the popy version with the white area and stickers instead of the lower leg extending upward more.

I think with this and the other things, it would be very close to the comic version. Would be cool to make the arms more the same, but that would be some extra effort that I don't want to do at this time, LOL.

Thanks for the compliments.
White face with yellow face protector? I love the face sculpt of the Battler' Jumbo the best of all, can only wonder how that will look altered?
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