[SHAPEWAYS] Repro Raydeen firing pin

Posted by Ken-A 
Hey y'all. Recently I purchased a set of reproduction delta-wing missiles for my battle-scarred Raydeen jumbo. (I got them from Shogun Plastics; you can find 'em on Facebook.) Unfortunately, it turned out that the firing pin on my Raydeen's missile launcher was broken, so I couldn't chamber the delta-wings.

Enter our very own Sanjeev, who volunteered to reverse-engineer the broken firing pin and create a template for printing out replacements on Shapeways! I've uploaded the template to Shapeways, and the one that I printed out fit and fires perfectly. It's cheap, too, at less than $5 for printing. Here it is:


Hope you find it useful. Thanks again, Sanjeev!

Best, Ken-A
Nice project! Thanks for guinea piggin' it Ken!
Sanjeev (Admin)
Hey Ken!

Don't keep us in suspense, brotha: does my pin work??? ;)

Heh...so Ken sent me his broken pin--JUST the one plastic bit (after having disassembled the whole launcher). I reverse-engineered it pretty quickly and easily...and once I got a measurement on the actual teeny pin that had snapped off, we were ready to go.

But the thing is, for *mechanisms*, you can never quite be 100% sure if your first iteration's gonna work or not! After all, my measurements may not have been that precise...plus, it's hard to tell what slots, pegs, and tabs do what when you don't have the REST of the mechanism in-hand!

So...if Ken uploaded it to Shapeways, I'm guessing things went well!
Yep, it worked perfectly the first time, no adjustments required. I was mildly concerned when I saw the almost chalky surface of the printed part, but the measurements were perfect. Thanks again!
Sanjeev (Admin)
Right on!

Yeah, that sort of chalky/sandy surface texture is kinda weird and off-putting at first...but believe me, that shit's damn near indestructible.

You gotta post some pics of the part installed, man! ;)
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