[BROG] Popy: Norakuro – The cat is a dog

Posted by chogoman 
2011 was a good "toy year" for me.
Got a lots of nice stuff and a few personal "hoy grails",
but this little sucker really is one of the highlights.

Popy Meisaku Series Norakuro GA-72


I already wanted this ... Now? I *must* have it! Awesome work!

MattAlt (Admin)
Great toy, but absolutely beautiful photos! Thanks for posting this. I've always wanted to pick one of these up too. There are some great vinyls of him and his pals as well. My favorite shows him choking the chicken... uh, I mean dinosaur!

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Wow, what a great job you did on that brog! I was lucky enough to find a badly listed vinyl on ebay last year.
Spectacular brog!
Thanks guys! It was super fun making this Brog
and also lots of work (in Photoshop), to get the "vintage touch".

Thanks for the link. Wow, there are lots of cool Norakuro toys out
there. To be honest, I,ve never seen these vinyls before...awesome
and I guess pretty scarce.

Also a very nice picture. Incredible Norakuro toys from the 30ties.

Also a must-have. "Super size" Norakuro tank ;-)


Here a few more quick pictures.
Little size comparison with Mazinger.

As a "side product" of the shooting & post production I
printed out some of the pictures and tried to "olden/age"
them with lots of coffee, paint, sandpaper etc to get the
30-40ties touch.

...ok, have to do it in black & white with non 3-D typo
to be more "realistic"...just an experiment.
Only Meisaku I have, but it's my favorite.

Wonderful! Best brog yet.

...I still have fun with Norakuro.

Trying to olden some prints with coffee, sandpaper and all kinds of paint.
Something different, than doin' it in Photoshop ;-)
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