Gingaizer Mystery Deepens

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MattAlt (Admin)
Those of you who are koo-koo for Takemi's Bigger Gokin Gingaizer toys know that there are several "missing links" in the series.

In the show, the three robots combine, none too convincingly, into a giant vehicle called the Supernatural Smash. It's one of those bane-of-Alen-Yen's-existence "I lie down, therefore I am a vehicle" designs. (You can see it on this page.)

The only way to pull this kind of "anime magic" off in real life was to use toys of totally different scales. The idea was that you'd use a "Super Deluxe Gattai" Gingaizer and Bullgator paired with a "Mini Super Magnet" Spinlancer, and voila:

The only problem is, Takemi went belly-up before either of these Super Deluxe Gattai toys could actually be produced, and the only specimens anyone had ever seen were those blocky wood (?) prototypes in the catalog.

Until now.

This Japanese blogger uncovered a 1978 issue of "Popeye" magazine featuring diecast robot toys, which were enough of a fad to warrant a big story back then. There's a glorious two-page spread of toys of the sort many of us would happily prostitute family members to own now, and in it is shown what appears to be a production model of the Super Deluxe Gattai Bull-Gator, or at least one step closer to a production model:

This is, to date, the only photo anyone has ever actually seen of this toy.
It doesn't look anything like the well-known Standard Bigger Gokin Bull-Gator. Nor does it look like the prototype shot above.

Given that none of the other toys in the Popeye spread are prototypes, and that it actually seems to be of a working toy, the blogger theorizes that a scant few Super Deluxe Gattai Bull-Gators may have been produced. That none of them have surfaced to date means that they may be test-shots of some kind. But this increases the possibility that somewhere, somehow, a few may actually be out there.

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Erik Sjoen (Admin)
Ah.. Hope!! Lovin' it! Thanks Alt-san.
Oh man...this is the sort of thing that makes my heart jump. Fantastic.

What's next???

I haven't seen that color pattern on Microtron either.

I did have someone tell me ages ago that they saw a DX Bullgator. I think it was in a store ad in a magazine, but it may have been in person at a shop. I have forwarded this images to this person to see if I can get more info.
Hi, I am the person. the picture I saw is exactly the one above, I was flicking through a friend's old magazines and when I reached that page I was like wow!! then when I noticed the gingaizer I think I started pointing at it and call everyone's attention with gestures, then I was licking the page or something worse...that's the only one I ever seen sorry guys
MattAlt (Admin)
Thanks for the info. By the way: if anyone actually manages to find a copy of this magazine (cover attached below) please let me know. There's a cover story on "American Yokai Comics" (!?) that I am really interested to read.
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furuhonya often have old popeye
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