Not EXACTLY Japanese, But...

Posted by Ginrai 

Definitely vintage...

Golden Gate Riot on dead trees at: []
Sanjeev (Admin)

Is that what I think it is!? If so, you have to post more pics!!

Actually no--FUCK THAT! Brog that shit!
I love playsets that function as diorama's. They look so danged cool sometimes.
That is definitely my recently acquired SDF-1 Playset! And yeah, I'm gonna brog! I gotta clean it up a little first, though. It's kinda dirty!

And hell yes, moop! My bookshelf is now SDF-1, the control room from the Ark spaceship in Transformers, and the Ninja Turtles' sewer!

Golden Gate Riot on dead trees at: []
Yeah, playsets bring toys to a whole new level when done right. It's just sucks how space becomes a premium after awhile.
That is why I am currently tearing apart my living room so I can find places for all the shit I displaced on the bookshelf that now houses three playsets!

Golden Gate Riot on dead trees at: []
In that case, a pic is required once said tearing has been completed and fixed.
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
so cool

Man. LOVE hangars and bases. I'd forgotten how awesome this particular one was. Excellent score...jealous. Double jawnz.
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