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Posted by Nekrodave 
Well. I honnestly feel that I have the right to think it's insane. Ok it's a bootleg and all that, but for me it's more like another example of a high price in the jumbo Machinder hobby. The more it goes, the more prices are going up and it's almost impossible for a guy like me to follow and this hobby is turning into a crazy thing.

I know that some people are more crazy than me and will always put high prices for stuff. But the gap is soo big now and it has happen so fast. Not so long ago a Spazer for 1.000.000 was considered super mega expensive and now it's like a super good deal...Another example, there was a super MIB Q9 for sale at 1.500.000 Yens a long time ago, it was just insanely high, now it's almost like the deal of the century...And all this just in like six or seven years....

Some people are collecting anthique cars, with even ore crazy prices and I will probably never be able to buy one, it's just out of range for me, but in the Machinder field, what's frustrating is that I've been able to get into it, get nice pieces, but sudenly it's way out of my league, that's the big frustration.

Or maybe I'm just jealous that some guys have a more comprehensive wife than me :))
josh fraser Wrote:
> Even you Sean, responded unfavorably to the price
> elsewhere, so I don't think it is something, no
> matter how rare, would be considered a jumbo most
> people would spend over 5k on.

Since FB is my personal profile, it's more aimed at having some fun with Dave as I'm sure he is fascinated with this as he has been a strong proponent for the relevancy and value, and he has a good sense of humor.

I just hoped to share some resources that would hopefully help keep the thread positive and informative.

The Star Wars bootleg resources really showcase with a lot of respect and information about how and why bootlegs have become a main staple of the collecting community.

I felt it was relevant reading.
mikenozon Wrote:
> Well. I honnestly feel that I have the right to
> think it's insane.

Considering how much you paid for your Daltanious, and the condition it was in, you have NO right to complain. :)

"There's no Bigfoot in The Awakening." -James Bickert
Considering how much a nice one sell for today...
Sorry Dave, but I didn't start collecting Machinder soon enough and it's the only way for me to get a few stuff.
josh fraser (Moderator)
Sanjeev Wrote:
> Nekrodave Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> > Do
> > people really think that an extremely rare
> vintage
> > bootleg should be worth less than a common
> vintage
> > licensed figure?
> Or even if it's not that common, but still vastly
> more so 4-1/3! About three times more for a
> Spazer, but no one complains because it's licensed
> and it's a popular hero toy. It's just simple
> supply and demand for all this stuff. Supply is
> still there, but demand seems to be rising. Or
> something...
> Case of demand in point: Cris! Who could blame
> you? ;)

No one complains because we all complained about it before. Lol

The only question worth asking in my opinion is would YOU pay 18-19000 for the spacer? Or for any of it.

But then again in 5 years maybe it will be 30,000 and we will be nostalgic for the day when it was 18-19. ;-)
Sanjeev (Admin)
josh fraser Wrote:
> No one complains because we all complained about
> it before. Lol


> The only question worth asking in my opinion is
> would YOU pay 18-19000 for the spacer? Or for any
> of it.

Nope. Simply because I obviously wouldn't be able to.

And that's where the aforementioned frustration is totally understandable...
My sense is that some of the underying hostility here is targeted toward the "hobby", and the outpaced pricing of some high end items (duh).

I think that I can safely infer that many of the posters would not purchase a bootleg such as this for $500, let alone $5,000; but if the market is driving up the prices on pieces such as this, it is likley indicative of an across the board adjustment leading to prized rarer pieces that once seemed potentially obtainable now likely falling out of reach for good.

The bottom line comes down to this, not everyone can afford (even over a lifetime) the whole run of Popy Jumbos. Many people started early, some are late-comers meeting inflated pricing, but if you aren't able to enjoy the pieces that are within your financial ability to collect, you risk turing the hobby into a source of angst instead of a source of enjoyment. And that's a shame.
Sanjeev (Admin)

Hate the game, not the player. ;)
I think what Supersentai meant was DON'T hate the game or the players, but ENJOY what you have.

Otherwise you're missing the point.
Actually, there's a little room in the "hating the game" department as far as resenting things falling out of reach. When I was heavier into collecting, it took me a long time to adjust to the idea that I wasn't going to own a Jumbo Danguard or Daimos, without getting a loose one tied to some ultra-lucky bidding (which one of you shnooks got that loose JP Daimos two years ago missing the right fist!?!).

But the overall point I would offer is this: most people starting in the hobby now, as far as jumbos go, can pretty much put together a decent collection with the US releases, the Unifives, and some of the less expensive loose ones like the Getter G's or a bowfist Reideen. But that might be as far as it gets, some collectors will eventually hit the wall of economics, and that's life. The cool part about a community like this is that you get to root your peers along in their conquests and victories, especially those who have a pronounced affection for a particual character or version.

If everyone in the car club each owned a Porsche, a Ferrari, and an Aston Martin, it'd be a pretty boring group. Enjoying what you have, and being able to share in the communal joy of what the other guys have made me feel less anxious about the toys I didn't have, and more appreciation for the ones I did.

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F that. I'm mad with jealousy. I hate you all.
Kingboy D Wrote:
> F that. I'm mad with jealousy. I hate you all.

And then Dave had his first apprentice...

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Sanjeev (Admin)
Always two there are, no more, no less...
Wait, Dave has a "fist apprentice"? I don't want to know...

I think somebody got in there and edited the other post, let's see if it stays fixed.

Otherwise, yeah, we're heading to a very weird and uncomfortable place. On the other hand, we might increase site traffic. (no puns intended!)

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josh fraser (Moderator)
See I pictured Jason as Dave's apprentice. But that's just me I guess.
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