Crazy People (beware, auction links).

Posted by Mike Parisi 
I'm aware that it's a big no-no, but there comes a point when an auction is 100% entertainment and is therefore no longer really an auction but more of an absurdity. Case in point:


I won't feel bad if this thread gets killed, but hey, a good laugh is worth trying :)
It's only marked up about $470. What's wrong with that? ;)

-dylan rockets...where's the rest of the box?
Guys...better don't buy this Grip Mekander! ;-)

Better go for the $2k Grendizer from the same seller...
Nah, the $600 Pegas is the deal. At least it's MIB and complete.
Of course, you'll have to trust his word, as there's no pic of the toy ;-)
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
C'mon, the sellers name is "chastityknott"... Nice!

PAHAHAHAHA!!! I wouldn't pay 25 cents for that floppy piece of garbage (now that I own one & know how crappy it really is.)
Is that a bayonette I see under the barrel of the Colt? Weird.

Still, no matter how out of whack someone prices their gear, I find it difficult to criticize as history has shown me that if you have the patience to keep gradually lowering the price until you hit the market, you maximize your profits on items like this.
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