[BROG] Bullmark: Akumaizer 3 Garibar

Posted by chogoman 

Zabitan's superbike.


Amazing, as always.
^^^ What he said.

Great shots and great toys! Love the box art on those bikes.
Thanks Mike & Bill!

It was your Brog [toyboxdx.com]
that made me wanting these Bullmark Hondas.

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Odds bodkins.

Yepp..."Rabirag" on the right side of the bike.
On the left side its "Garibar".
Strange stickers...but thats Bullmark...
Nice. Something about robots on bikes that just kicks ass. And your production skills are outstanding, making it even more so.
Love the box art as usual.

Personally, I always swish a saber at my side while riding, with one hand on the wrong side for the throttle, Hahaha! Makes total sense.
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