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WOW ! What a shelf !! I'm abashed.
Thanks....I am working sooooo hard to display everything (!) properly, but I have almost no time and too many things to move.....HELP !!!!
Oh my G_d!!!! Kris, what a fantastic collection! Lusting after all those Mazinger Zs, Gaikings, and Grendizers all lined up. Man, I'd love to see some more shots.


Dylan, glad to see that Shinsei shipment finally arrived!

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Well, variants are my specialty, you see....

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If you want more.....ask !

Part of collection.... ^__^

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I would like to display each jumbo with its own box on the back of the cabinet, so I'm moving them all to a new (bigger) glass cabinet
Awesome collection!
Anonymous User
More pics of gran fighter jumbo please!
MattAlt (Admin)
Does your Gran-Fighter mini-jumbo actually have working rocket-punches? I have never seen one that didn't have broken fists. (I really need to re-shoot these photos...)

MattAlt (Admin)
And by the way, nice Glico mini-zingers! I really need to get some of those.
There were a couple around w/punches intact...15 years ago. Haven't seen one since. And for that matter, you have the only DX set I've ever known of. Never even come across another photo of one. This thing should be a legend.
Those pictures are just amazing, I need to get my jaw back on my face as it's on the floor right now :)).

All the Jumbos look so clean and new, it's mind blowing

Please, more jumbo pictures, there's a case with some Daltanious in the back from what I can see. I loooooooove watching other people Jumbo collection.

Mmmh of course the upper shelves are amazing too :))
Paulkaiju Wrote:
> [farm6.static.flickr.com]
> d428846_z.jpg

What a fantastic look for this Ark toy !!
Hey Matt....is that vintage candy toy/Glico store still in Nakano Broadway?

Holy shit, I've been waiting years for these pics! Please, please please keep them coming!

"There's no Bigfoot in The Awakening." -James Bickert
Nekrodave Wrote:
> Holy shit, I've been waiting years for these pics!
> Please, please please keep them coming!

You know it's true, everything I do....I do it for you ( B. Adams)

Thanks to everybody, I will try to post more, when I can.
For the joy of the people that hates me...

Few others....

darth-kriss Wrote:
> Enough?

It's never enough (until your heart stops beating).

Your collection just leaves me speachless. Ok, except the things I would do for that Sanzen Gakeen MFV.

Thanks for showing.
Thanks, it's my pleasure....
I can go on ....

I think Josh F just wept a little.

darth-kriss Wrote:


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Loving that robot-factory Combattler Jumbo.
And so on....

A good question, indeed.... : P
Kingboy D Wrote:
> I think Josh F just wept a little.
So did I. I love the Pla Gaiking, Mazinga and all the popinica bases in there. *sigh*

In the interests of not burying these pics as time marches on, might I suggest this thread be split between totally random vs. the darth-kriss show? Just sayin'
So amazing. I didn't know you got an X10. And about 7 of my most wanted jumbos are all there... Yes, it's true. I hate you. ;) LOL

Oh... how about a shot of that bagged yellow Danguard? Been dying to see that.

"There's no Bigfoot in The Awakening." -James Bickert
Sanjeev (Admin)
Red Gaiking's intense...
Um... why isn't Pinocchio ON the Spazer?!?!

"There's no Bigfoot in The Awakening." -James Bickert
Wait a second, are you saying that the Mazinger base in the photo below it is a big scale base? I was trying to figure out size, but I assumed it was just the Popinica. I've never heard of a big scale Maz base. NEED MORE PICS PLEASE!!
Oh, that's the big one - for scale look at the Jumbo Getter 1 beside it.

And yes, pics, if you can please ;-)
Sanjeev (Admin)
Wow, that sucked...sorry if some of the posts are out of order...beats me how/why that happened! :P

Carry on with the pure awesome!
My head... is about to explode.
Nooo, this thread was meant to stay hidden in the shadows....now I'm too exposed....:(((
I'd suggest putting pants on.

hillsy Wrote:
> I'd suggest putting pants on.

Darn... is that a 3 inch Raider Shogun I see on one of the pics?
You're waisting your life... you know that ?
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