Army of Oni

Posted by MattAlt 
MattAlt (Admin)

If I win the lottery, I promise to ressurect Sakura and resume churning out yokai diecasts.

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nice pic. this is one of those toys that always seems to elude me. It was never a high priority (until now).
Oni rocks!
Great toy & nice foto Matt.

Do they have the batteries cover, on the back?
MattAlt (Admin)
Yes, they do!
Lucky man !!!!
MattAlt (Admin)
It pops off easily. Terrible design, from an engineering standpoint. Amazing from a visual one!
Picture, please.....Mine doesn't have it.... :(
MattAlt (Admin)
For you...
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MattAlt Wrote:
> For you...

Thank you....I will never be able to complete mine...:(
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