Clover 1/255 Gundam set

Posted by VenomMacbeth 
So I just found this on ebay.

I didn't know Clover made little mini-gundams. Anybody know anything about these? Are they plastic or Diecast? How much is one of these worth?

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Most of Clover's Gundam toys are listed in the Clover Datafile. Being solid metal they're quite hefty for their size (though barely articulated!) For a long while, these were the closest thing to "realistic" Gundam toys available.

In addition to these, there's a handful of even smaller mini-diecasts in unpainted and monochromatic colors.

Some pics of the 1:225s:


They are very similar to the 1/144 Dougram toys, if you're familiar with those. The Dom in particular is sick ...
They are awesome, and the Dom is definately the best.
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