MAJOR SCAM WARNING: "baronkarlo" on eBay

Posted by chogoman 

micromanzone started the thread.
Only FYI guys, if you missed the thread on RJ.

I wanted to bid on a few items too,
but now I better don't do that.
At least one thing sounds legit in the bottom of descriptions:

"Sell because I have exchange houses, and no room for collection, and not want have more discussion with my girlfriend."
Should someone report this to ebay?
josh fraser (Moderator)
Things like this are very difficult to prove until an issue arrises from the current Ebay auctions. Not likely they will do anything.
I guess since the auctions are known to be scamage, given the recent Danguard ST packaging variation discussion, I was surprised to see the Popy open window box version listed (ends today, check it out before it's checked into "evidence"). Had not seen that before. What country is that from (Italy?), and does anyone have pics of other characters released with similar packaging (i.e. Daimos, Gaiking, etc.)?

It's almost safer to surf Ebay for pics of rare toys and copy those to file, as opposed to actually purchasing them (and much cheaper might I add). Kind of like a photo safari, but of course still much cooler than and nothing like birdwatching (let's not get lumped in togeher with that "crowd").
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