[BROG] Takatoku: Evil Gariba C Bike

Posted by chogoman 

Getting Evil back to shape...


Excellent job!
The bad guys always screech off with the first wheelie of the show. It's tradition. ;0)

I can enjoy my motorcycle toy addiction quite nicely through your photos Stephan, lol.
*sigh* now I'll have to pick up more this summer as I see them.
Nice job and nice pictures. I didn't know that tips and tricks with the hot water, interesting to know, can be a good alternative to the hair dryer. Thanks for sharing
Thanks guys!
Restoring Mr.Evil was a real adventure,
thank god with a happy end.

I have this "robot/tokusatsu-hero-on-
motorcycle-addiction" too Jon,
whenever I see one... I want it ;-)
Has something to do with my
real life vintage motorcycle love
I think. Honda CB four & Kawasaki Z 900 rock!

I prefer the "hot water" method when I
want to bring back bruised/bent vinyl
into form. I is a bit more "gentle" than
using a hair dryer. You could better
control how much heat you want on
the vinyl and on the exact part you want
to re-shape. You also could combine hot
with very cold water. Bring the vinyl
with the hot water in form and than
quench/cool it with the cold water and
it keeps the form. I did this several
times successful with vinyl figures
with pushed in legs, chest etc.

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