[BROG] Aoshin: Trike gang

Posted by chogoman 

The wild ones - Aoshin's trike rockers


Nice photos, as usual. I love these guys. We had talked about these not too long ago, but it seems that my links have since be reassigned. :(

Brilliant. Despite not being on the list of most's "must haves" seeing these in a set makes an excellent case for how awesome these toys are. The photo/graphic work ain't too shabby either ;)
Thanks guys!

These Aoshin's haven't been on top of my list either.
Always deep under my "must-have-radar", but cause of my
general "robot-on-bike-weakness" I thought someday I've
to get them. Finally a very deep price and nobody else
who wants them urgent (YahooJP), helped me to get these guys.
It's funny...when I got them and hold them in my hands
I've to say...yeah, they are nice. The robots are nice
sculptured and Pegas is the perfect drive-by-shooting
gangster equipped with his supreme firepower hands.

Yep, your links seem to be reassigned.
But I like this one :-)

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