[BROG] Shogun 2in1 Gaiking Hoax & Dangard 2in1

Posted by chogoman 
Germany is always good for a surprise.


Any informations or ever seen this one before?

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Lucky you, I love those stories but it never happen to me :((
You should post a pict of the other also and not just the side of the boxes.
I post more fotos later Mike...I'm still shooting the stuff.
Ed's got a mint display case of these. Hit him up. He had posted these on RJ years ago, but the search engine on Proboards sucks moose testies so I won't even bother looking for it.

BTW, I am so friggin jealous.

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josh fraser (Moderator)
Hmmm...I know there is a Euro box out there.

I have been looking for a Euro box for a while. Only GA51 I don't have.
Huh???? You mean there actually exists a version of the ga-51 that Fraser does not have????? Whoa..
On Friday eves, my friends and I are always raising a metalldruckguss in the bars. Huh?...

So cool you got one of those Stephan. I vaguely remember Ed's display of these,down in FL, but hope we get a pic, of all the box writing.

Lock your doors, Fraser's on a plane.
Sorry guys...little April fool hoax ;-)

...ball the other Shogun boxes are real, but no warehouse find.
Don't lie! You actually do collect Smurfs. I've seen pics of your shelves! Wahahaha
lol...not yet Jon... but April 2012 I gonna sell my collection, because I have to finance my new Smurf addiction ;-)
LOL, nice one!
It's all in the details, both in the little backstory and the pics themselves. The back of the box was very believable, but the front black font was a bit too crisp. I still almost caught myself PM'ing to find out what you had paid for the whole lot because I JUST HAD TO KNOW!!!

I think the raising of the April 1st bar this year (GX-61 included) would make it tough for anyone to get away with anything that elaborate next year. But hey, that's a year away and with memories and attention-spans what they are...HEY, is that a dog riding a skateboard...I gotta go.
I was a bit late with my 1st April joke.
Was a last minute "project", so the front
of rhe box wasn't perfect. I planed to make
a "variant" of the Gaiking figure too...other color,
different body etc...

...another 1st April will come ;-)

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Sweet. What does the German translation mean?

Good One :)
Here are some fotos of a european/german german box.
This time no fake!

These european/german boxes are multilingual (english/german/french/italian).
But under the Shogun Warriors Logo you could read in german "die Ritter des Weltalls". This means "the knights of space".
You don't find "Invincible Guarians of World Freedom!" on the box.

Metalldruckguss = Die-Cast metal

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Hahahaha. Good one. After finding my french box for the T28 I was not suprised with a german box for a shogun. Who knows what's out there, there's so much variations and we still discover new stuff all the time.
Anyway, excellent.
josh fraser (Moderator)
If you had changed the color drastically or gone as far as to change the toy itself I would have known it was fake. The reason I thought it was real was just the box, as there is a Euro box Gaiking, but it is less different than what you showed.

Less is more in this case.

I mean people thought this was real when I photoshopped it.

Is the euro boxed Gaiking a
english/french language box?

2 or 3 years ago I won a
boxed Shogun Warriors Dangard 2in1
from Switzerland. The box is a
english/french language version.
Pretty strange combination.
On the back are pictures of Gaiking,
Raydeen & Dangard (like US box).

I could post pictures of this box
tomorrow. I'm pretty sure the
"real" euro Gaiking box has the
same style.
josh fraser (Moderator)
Yes that is the one. I saw one for sale 6 months ago on ebay but it was beat. Otherwise I would have bought it. Like I said, it is the last one I need.

I heard there was also an Italian language box as well, but that is unconfirmed.
Here are a few fotos of the Dangard 2in1 euro box.
The euro Gaiking box should have the same style.

left euro box , right US box

left euro box , right US box

While on the back side of the euro box the "action feature description" is in english/french, the description on the side is only in english.

Close-up of the front (euro)

Close-up of the back (euro)

BTW...some more about Shogun Warriors Dangard. Old thread from '09:

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josh fraser (Moderator)
well plus the Euro version is the same as the Japanese version with the chrome feet
I'm not sure if it's just the picture, or if the Euro Danguard has a black border (masking) around his yellow eyes? Either way, he looks a little more miffed than the US version.
Hahaha...fantastic prank man!
@ Mike
started as a prank and ended in a serious toy-nerd-thread ;-)

I made some close-up shots of Dangards head.
It looks if the "Euro" Dangard has a black border
around his golden eyes...but it's only the "dark contrast" between
the blue & golden paint.

Here's a foto of the "US" Dangard.
Silver eyes and his helmet paint looks a bit different.

Funny, I never detected the different eye color of the two Dangards before.

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