[BROG] The toy's not vintage, but the love is

Posted by Sanjeev 
Sanjeev (Admin)
Taste the milk chocolate goodness through your monitor...

This shot gives him the "vintage pass":

[Inspired in no small part by Mike's new SG-01! ;) ]

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That's a great display piece! And a kid could probably knock that thing into next week, and it would still look great.
The only other big old skool T-28 vinyl I shoulda grabbed is that big one Takara put out 10yrs or so ago.
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
Last time we were in Japan Yuji gave Mike Johnson an unpainted one of these. I was totally surprised at how HUGE it was. Great score man!

Was this the one off of skullbrain, Sanjeev?

I have got to get my hands on an M1 Tetsujin. Such a good sculpt, giant or otherwise.

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Sanjeev (Admin)
hillsy Wrote:
> Was this the one off of skullbrain, Sanjeev?

Yup, it was posted by a friend of mine there selling it, and I immediately e-mailed him to take it the fuck down! ;) We had a massive trade in the works, so we just fit this guy into the mix.

Honestly, I think I'd kill for one of these in dark gunmetal grey. Or rather one just mimicking the naked GX-24N:

Hah...I was contemplating that one when he took it down. ;) It's a beaut. Did you ever grab that Jumbo sized Inspire T-28 (80's version)? It's pretty damn cool, as well.


nice score jeevs. i remember seeing the unpainted version in person and thought it was huge. yeah, im feeling the T-28 love.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Thanks, Jim! Ha! Actually, now that you guys mention it, I now remember Mike telling me how much he loved that toy in SF. He told me I had to get one...and I guess that put the bug in my subconscious!

Haha...we're all a bunch of fucking enablers! ;)

Hill, does Erik have that Inspire one? I seem to remember seeing that there...but then again, it could have been the Jumbo! I *do* like that sculpt (much more so than the 7" one).
Luckily for you, Sjoen took a crappy pic of BOTH!

Damn. I need to find this Inspire T28. It's really strange that such a cool toy came out and was almost impossible to find. Sometimes I just have the impression it's a ghost.

Beside that, congrats on this milky T28, I was able to smell it from here hahahahaha
OK Sanjeev, that is totally badass.....and I hate it. I hate it because I love it. And whenever something *new* comes out, and I love it, then I have to hate it. But really, I love it.

This is one of the old Volks pieces. Had to dust it off and take a pic...looks like it's becoming a "show us your T-28's" thread ;)

Sanjeev (Admin)
Hey, I'm loving it, Mike! Bring on ALL the worthy T28's!
did the nostalgic heroes t-28 and black ox come with the two types of hands only in the first release or was that a feature for all the releases?
Since this is now "Show Your T-28s":

Sanjeev (Admin)
Sweet...you don't see too many pot-bellies without their pupils painted in...
I wouldn't call this "worthy" but t does have magnetic joints. For those of you into small T-28's:

Erik Sjoen (Admin)

This is a great piece (compliments of JF). Also, thanks hillsy for pointing out my photographic ability..
Erik Sjoen (Admin)
So why the hell is that inspire so hard to get?? The only two I could score were mine and hillsy's but we totally planned ahead. Odd..
I believe they were made to order, and they probably flew under the radar, so I doubt that many were made.

The mega giant M1 T28s are fantastic!
I always though my giant Biliken Astroboy was bad-ass, but the M1-T28s are one of those toys that you just have to see in person to get the full impact of their size.

Sanjeev, your pic is inspiring me to pull the three versions I have and take a group shot!
Sanjeev (Admin)
Ralph! Awesome to see you over here! Welcome to robotland. :P

YES, please post a group shot...I'm sure it'll elicit some tears...of joy or jealousy. Not sure which! ;)
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