Stripping and polishing diecast?

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Got a question for the refurbishers and restorers, or anyone who knows about the making of the old Popy figures. Is the diecast metal underneath painted parts the same as the shiny bare metal parts, or is there some difference to the shiny metal. If I remove the paint from a part, can I polish it up like a bare part?

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Sure, some formerly painted parts can be polished up, after a real good stripping.(woo-woo!)
Polished parts have to start out plain at the factory.
The polishing can sure be a pain in the behind though, and take a lot of steps, and some factory processes were done with machines, and media, that can be intense to duplicate with just elbow grease. For tiny parts, a Dremel type tool sure helps.

Not to be confused with shiny chrome parts though. All the effort,and buffer wheels, and creams aren't gonna get that look. Re-chroming at a coater's shop is what you'd need.
I haven't tried some of the chrome look spray paints out there, so can't comment on those for durability.

Are you changing up the look of something? huh, huh?

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Thanks Jon, that's about what I figured. I'm cleaning up my beater Gaiking GA-51. I am working on the repro weapons Jason made for me, and I also took a polishing cloth to the bare thighs, and it made a world of difference. I was thinking it'd look killer to have the upper arms shiny bare metal instead of blue with the silver stickers, but I don't think I could strip and clean up that localized section without making a bigger mess. Have to get a pack of Bare Metal Foil and redo the stickers instead.

Now I'm sort of wondering if the level of paint loss on the chest won't clash with the nicely finished repro accessories. Don't really want to repaint the whole thing.

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
I make 3D printed mecha action figures.
Hey Prometheum5,
here are some older Brogs I posted in 2009, about bringing
back the "bling" to tarnished robot parts:



My attempt at making a bare metal Robocon a while back:


It's a lot of work and you can only polish up the zinc so much. As repairtechjon said, getting it professionally re-chromed is the way to go and that might cost a lot. And getting that paint off was a bitch, I never want to see brake fluid again.

Unrelated to anything, here's the abstract of the page that came up when I searched for it:

"Nov 18, 2003 ... I started with an extra The Chogokin Robocon, nexium prescription, and disassembled it. Nexium prescription, Then I soaked it in some .3 ..."

(I would like to state that I take Prilosec, not Nexium.)
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Sand/bead-blasting is probably easier than chemical cleaning. Just be careful not to destroy the parts.
Yeah, I thought of that, and I do have access to a sandblaster. The problem is that I was hoping to remove just a small section of paint, but that doesn't seem really practical. For the thighs I could probably smooth them up more, but that's not a major crisis. I am pretty sure diecast has to be handled super-carefully in a sandblaster, and ours is about as 'industrial' as you can get, so they probably wouldn't survive.

Introducing Prometheus Rising Studio.
I make 3D printed mecha action figures.
Nice posts Rog and Stephan! Glad you guys recorded the process, as I never have on the couple bits of mine.
After a few years,(possibly sooner) and most any polished part is likely to need some re-do from tarnishing. Did the Robocon show this?

Ben, like Dan said, there are other media like beads, powders, ,light sands, nut shells of various types, and such that blasters can use. Just gotta find who has one. Maybe a jeweler?
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