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MattAlt (Admin)
Patrick Macias filmed our visit to a tiny shop called Kaleidoscope in Tokyo.

that place is an absolute bitch to find. My friend mike and i took forever to find it the first time. The owner gave me a carded zone fighter puzzle as a present. Super nice guy !
Anonymous User
Watched this earlier. Great stuff.
Thanks for sharing it! Nice schtuff.
Was that a yellow Gekiganger in one shelf? (EDIT: Whoops! Musta been a Takemi Battlehawk or something)

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josh fraser (Moderator)
Man was that GA52 box minty? I need to go back.
MattAlt (Admin)
No Gekis, and the only thing minty in that shop were the menthols the owner was chain-smoking. I get the feeling he moves the prime stuff pretty quickly via phone/net orders from regulars. Very nice guy, though.
how much for the giant OhRobo?
Actually... can I just send Matt a buncha cash to go shopping for me? :D
MattAlt (Admin)
Those giant statues are probably more reasonably priced than you might expect -- but good luck getting them shipped anywhere! :)
nice as always. between this and that video of Nakano Broadway that Patrick made recently it's getting hard as hell not to just jump on a plane and cross the pacific. did he have more of those carded gx's or was that the only one in the shop?
josh fraser (Moderator)
You where just there . Hah.
I've been saving to go to Japan for over a year now. Gotta make it happen so I can come back poor.
Crunky, Ewoks, and Patrick says, "Oh shit! Dairugger!" Thank god for YouTube. A well spent 7 minutes...
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