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Gawk, drool and cry.

Here's a nice one:

love how Jun's a blond in the pop up book :-p
josh fraser (Moderator)
Beautiful collection.
Sanjeev (Admin)
Absolutely fantastic stuff. I love that there's a little of everything represented here...
Coop's got it goin' on:

Pepi has great taste in vintage japanese toys. He was the first person i added as a contact when i joined flickr. You have an account Mike ?
Nice one !
I do. Travel pics. The kid. Things that make you go "Yawwwwn".
-and that thing you do with a deer. hmmmmmmm...
That dear came to me! I was drunk! I'm in rehab!
Billy G has some great stuff, but the two bots in yellow window boxes pictured here are of particular interest to me:


If I'd have known, I would have asked to see these last time I was in there.
After seeing all that Arco Other World stuff, I have new found respect for that guy. Holy crap.

"There's no Bigfoot in The Awakening." -James Bickert
Not to mention his Irutan collection...most complete in the USA?

i think billy is still looking for the talker. i really dig going back from time to time to check his pics, as his tastes are very diverse and fun. feeling the need to make the three hour drive to his store.
this ugly thang?

Some interesting stuff in here:

Sanjeev (Admin)
Man, SO much good stuff here. I love how this dude has such a wide variety of toys! Kaiju. Chogokin. GI Joes. And totally common American stuff like Micro Machines and Simpsons toys!
Ok, photosets AND threads

Mike Parisi Wrote:
> Ok, photosets AND threads
> []
> pychogokin&action=print&thread=14441

oooh. good one.

so about this:

I don't think I've ever been completely clear on how many Queen Cosmos there are...

- Popynica (PB-49, 'standard'),
- Popy DX (mainly plastic but with metal ships - sometimes mistakenly called 'big scale' though not branded that way)
- Pla DX

So, there is no 'Big Scale', right? Also, if the one pictured here isn't Pla-Dela, as the thread implies, then what is it? There's also a Victora, yeah?

(I know, I know, I already asked this)
For the one above, I'm not sure what it is - I always assumed it was the Pla-Dela. This is the only shot I have to show some kind of scale - that mini-ship is from the DX version

Either the domes themselves are enlarged, or the entire ship is on a larger scale, because in the regular DX, that mini ship would take up a bigger part of the circumference.

I don't know of an official "Big Scale" nor have I heard of a Victora version. I know there's a sofubi that comes on a card.
Love the level of obsession here:

Sanjeev (Admin)
Absolutely drool-worthy:

LeMel.....there is also a small Popy sofubi of the Queen Cosmos.

Wow! Sanjeev-are those things vintage or new? I'm not big into micronauts -but I thought I had at least seen most of them...

Sanjeev (Admin)
The one on the left is Palisades, but the one on the right is the owner's own custom...totally wild! Check it out:
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