[BROG] Ark aka Metallguss Weltraumroboter I & II

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A bit Ark extra love

A few "box theories"

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Some great shots of the German boxes Stephan. I was charmed by the wording on the German Black King I got way back, and decided the German print makes me grin more than the Japanese box, so I keep it!

Just curious, were you able to find any of your set of German boxes in Germany? Such as at an antique store?

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"Space robot with interchangeable accessories"
Sounds great for me as a kid. Together with a few Shogun Warriors and lots of Airfix soldiers it was great fun to play with them.
These Ark toys had been the Lego-space-monster-Technic of the late 70ties.
But back in the day you didn't find them in every toy store here in germany.
Big Jim, Action Team (GI Joe), Kenner Star Wars etc had been more popular than japanese Diecats Toys. We didn't have any cool manga series here (only Captain Future) like Goldorak etc.

Today loose specimen pop up on german ebay from time to time,
but not very often.
You don't find them on flea-markets or antique stores.
I bought boxed ones on german & belgium ebay over the years.
But boxed ones (complete and mint) are very scarce these days.
I bought a few complete only in styrofoam, no outer box.
Because of the big window the Ark boxes had been very fragile, so many
had been destroyed over the years.
Well, I add another Brog with some Ark box variations we have here
in europe.

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Ark Gamola was one of my very first. I still have him, beaten and worn, unassembled and reassembled a hundred times...an all time favorite. Thanks for posting Stephan, these are great.
Yeah, Gomora is pretty damn cool, with his telescopic head!
Here some extra pics for you Mike.

The face that launched a life-long obsession....
Thanks Stephan, that made my day!
Good chance that the "belgium" boxes are actually Belgium/Luxemburg/Netherlands/France(/French overseas territories)

Thats true thomas, I also found some of these "belgium" boxes on ebay netherlands.
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